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Dear despot

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It is with a heavy heart that I write to you. I am convinced I cannot continue to address you as a leader, because you’re no longer one. You are a failure. You have messed up everything. Indeed, you have messed up with disastrous results! Your people have been shamed all over the world. Their […]

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The heights we must climb

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Change we can believe in! It is the most compelling election theme to have captured the imagination of the entire world. As encapsulated by Barack Obama in his victory speech, “change has come to America”. Whilst we celebrate America’s and indeed the world’s most momentous occasion, we also mourn the floundering attempts to overcome the […]

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South Africa’s moment in Africa’s ‘fierce urgency of now’

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Africa can be rid of all its negatives if stronger nations take over weak ones. For the purposes of this discussion, weak nations shall mean all failed states experiencing all manner of ills detracting from a decent quality of life; including but not limited to severe economic decline, bad governance, inadequate or non-existent public service, […]

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Unravelling the Zimbabwe problem

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It has long been suggested by many that Mugabe cannot rig the economy. It is an interesting but unconvincing argument. The complexity of the Zimbabwe problem is one which we may only fully understand with the benefit of hindsight, assuming all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in our lifetimes. It was the economy, […]