Grant Walliser

City Power knocked my lights out!

Heritage Day for most people was a day to celebrate. Braais were going, music was playing and people chilled at home or at events around the country. For some, however, Heritage Day was pretty miserable and heritage night and the entire long weekend was worse and was spent in the dark. That’s because City Power…

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Iran, Russia, US, Europe and Israel: Why Mugabe is irrelevant

I honestly don’t think I can stomach another indignant person imploring “the West” to “do something about Zimbabwe”. This gem is usually delivered on the back of some hack thesis about the hypocritical invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq to free them from dictatorships whilst leaving poor old Zimbabwe languishing under Mugabe. Next is generally the…

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The geopolitics behind the DA win in Cape Town

The DA, somewhat against expectation, won a clear majority in the recent election in the Western Cape. It is now the sole province beyond the direct control of the ANC. Why? While the exact reasons for this win are probably complex, it may be interesting to examine a slightly different perspective. In this view we…

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The Pope is in my bedroom again

Religion and those who make a living out of pandering its simplistic and defunct notions are unable to stay out of our bedrooms it seems. The Pope has recently hit headlines again with his decree that HIV “cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems”. People like to have sex….

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Why I will vote DA

Traps came out of the closet lately and pledged his vote to the ANC. I respect his open approach and would like to follow suit with my views. There are three parties of national significance in the coming election. They are the ANC, Cope and the DA. I will be voting for the DA. Before…

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Israel vs Hamas: will it ever end?

The usual partisan articles and rallies have sprung up over the past few weeks regarding Israel’s devastating incursion into Gaza. The well worn labels of “terrorism”, “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” are being thrown around by people desperately trying to swing public perception favourably in one or another direction. Israel has been branded the heartless monster…

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Why invasion of Zimbabwe is a very real option

Here is the thing with Mbeki’s fabled “quiet diplomacy”: it has not, does not and will not work. While Mbeki and his simpering entourage of struggle buddies have been donning their Armani suits and hopping north on their private jets for the last few years, Zimbabwe has steadily accelerated into anarchy under their entrusted watch….

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Mumbai terror: the bigger picture?

The recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, have done more than just expose the difficulty in containing and responding to global terrorism. They have also exposed a fair amount of limp and shallow journalism, dished up in large swathes by local and international press. Upon hearing about the attacks, my first reaction was to try…

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Combating Somali piracy … Roman style

In the year 75BC, Gaius Julius Caesar, citizen of the great Roman Empire was sailing on a Roman battle trireme in the Mediterranean when pirates attacked the ship. Caesar was captured and ransomed, as was the practice back then. Legend has it that the great man was not impressed when the pirates decided to bill…

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How little South Ossetia changed the world

When Georgia invaded South Ossetia on 7 August 2008, very few people had even heard of the place. A month on and the crisis in the breakaway republic is causing a monumental shift in the power play of the worlds greatest nations. It may not be apparent yet but South Ossetia could dramatically change our…

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