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If you had to pay, what would you pay for?

A big chunk of the Internet is free. A very big chunk. But what if it wasn’t? What if you had to pay for the services you consume (over and above what you pay for bandwidth)? Let’s ignore, for now, the slightly obtrusive fact that the Internet wouldn’t be nearly as big or influential as […]

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Online Millions: Finding your niche

In your pursuit of making millions online, the most important decision you will have to make is choosing the correct niche as your target audience. Do not fall into the trap of playing the “it’s for everyone” game, because it never is, and even if it was, you would never be able to afford it. […]

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How the US elections work (part one)

If you are confused by primaries, caucuses, electoral votes and delegate votes, join most Americans in your frustrations. Forget “one man, one vote”, and take an aspirin while you sift through the confusion. Here is a brief synopsis: There are obviously two main political parties in the US: Republican and Democrats. The election process begins […]

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In search of good CVs

It’s “must-find-job” season, and CVs are pouring on to my desk. With no fear of being too dramatic, I can safely say that 95% are horrendously presented. I once had a candidate tell me in his “About me” paragraph that “frankly, I am so perfect, my parents should be given a trophy”. Another informed that […]

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There’s no free lunch, not even online

Ever used Google? How about the Firefox browser? Or maybe you are Facebook fan? Enjoy reading Thought Leader? Or maybe you have something against using free stuff? Chances are, you love free stuff. And that is a good thing. But it is a problem for all the business suits peering over the shoulders of all […]