Deidre Baartman

Stealing rooibos

It has recently been reported that an unidentified French firm is attempting to register a number of trademarks including the terms “South African rooibos” and “rooibos”. It is not the first time a foreign company tried to trademark rooibos tea. I have two problems with the fact that the French want to trademark rooibos. Firstly,…

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Nine New Year’s resolutions for Parliament

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions as a sign of a fresh start or courage to reach a specific goal. This year I decided to write a few for Parliament. 1 Forgotten (or to-be-forgotten) reports Our legislature has become very comfortable with writing comprehensive reports but does not implement them. Dusty reports include the…

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Will Gauntlett be appointed to the Constitutional Court?

In the legal community you find mainly three types of lawyers. You get the good lawyers who you call up for the straightforward cases. You get the great lawyers for the complicated cases, generally those you want to get to the Constitutional Court. Then you get lawyers like Jeremy Gauntlett, the lawyer that presidents, ministry…

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