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To succeed, must Africa fail?

The need for failure as a prelude to success seems to keep coming up all around me, not only in conversations with people who have achieved notoriety for their various career or personal feats, but also in publications such as The Harvard Business Review and some of the 2011 commencement speeches I have watched, such […]

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Opportunities in Cameron’s Nigeria visit?

There was a good reason for British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Nigeria on July 19 of this year. Many smart people are betting on our new government to kick-start an era of success — marked by economic growth, improved governance and poverty reduction. The opportunities in Nigeria are further highlighted by the large […]

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African youth 2.0

By Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa It’s a scary time to be a leader of a country, especially a country in which youth (“youth” defined by the African Youth Charter as those aged 15 to 35) issues are not adequately being addressed. With the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, some leaders must stay awake […]

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African solutions to African problems

By Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa When engaging in African development discourse, I have failed to understand the popular phrase “African solutions to African problems”. It forces me to question what and who is African? Is it all mankind by virtue of humans originating from Africa or someone who can generally be traced to the Negroid race? […]

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The future of the two Sudans

By Aidan Eyakuze It didn’t last very long, did it? In January, Africa celebrated the successful referendum in which the South voted for independence. Four months later, Abyei, a region nestled between the North and South Sudan was violently “seized” by the North, risking war with the South. Between the vote for secession and the […]

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An African Day on Steroids

I love Africa. For Christ’s sake the place made me into the hazardous person that I am! No place on planet earth garners me so little result with so much sweat. No place makes my inner tiger roar more often than is desired, while at the same time leaving me laughing my lungs out. At […]

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Know your Africa, just watch Big Brother

Lusophones (Angolans and Mozambicans) are wild partiers, as can be the Tanzanians. Ugandan men are either lovers or fighters ie they have no problem ruffling up a woman when challenged. Nigerian men are calm and collected while their female counterparts are erratic. Ghanaians bear it “all”. Zambians interject religion into conversations yet are good dancers. […]

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Nigeria’s quiet revolution

By Edith Jibunoh I woke up to horrible news this morning and I’m angry. John has worked for my family for years. I’ve known him since I was a little girl when he used to take me to school every morning. This is an African story. The one big happy extended family that blends employees […]