Alistair Fairweather

Glenn Greenwald vs Newsnight – when did the BBC become the lackeys of the security state?

Something deeply disturbing is going on in Britain, right under the nose of one of the oldest democracies in the world. Watch the video embedded below to see what I mean. For those of you unable to see the video, it’s an interview of Glenn Greenwald by veteran BBC journalist, Kirsty Wark. Her first question…

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Black Swan — requiem for a dancer

Ballet has always been a loaded subject, suspended uncomfortably between art and masochism, between the divine and the pathological. But Black Swan transcends ballet, playing more like the dark existential crisis of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde than the fairytale of Swan Lake, around which it is written. Darren Aronofsky has always been drawn to…

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An open letter to Patrick Craven and Cosatu

Dear Mr Craven We are very different men, from very different generations, with very different views of the world. Nonetheless I respect both your opinion, and your contribution to the liberation struggle. But while I concede many of the points in your rather self-congratulatory letter to the ANC, I dispute many more. Not only are…

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