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Racists, decolonise your minds!

During the past few weeks I seem to have spawned a fan club of several charming individuals who have left comments informing me that because I am white I have no right to tackle issues such as the Zimbabwean crisis. It’s interesting because these persons don’t demand that I censor myself on the basis of […]

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We must prevent a Zimbabwean genocide

Sokwanele [“Enough is Enough”], a Zimbabwean human rights NGO, has a flickr photo album that illustrates, rather graphically, the means that Zanu-PF and its fascist affiliates are using to cling to power. Images copyright Sokwanele The photos in this album are not of extras in Hollywood’s latest “Afritragedy”. Neither are they the spurious efforts of […]

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Skewed coverage is an injustice to SA’s victims of intolerance

In a recent edition of the Cape’s Weekend Argus, columnist William Saunderson-Meyer pertinently points out the contrast between the overwhelming — and appropriately outraged — media response to the University of the Free State racist video debacle with the story of student in Limpopo who was killed for refusing to sing a “struggle” song on […]