The worst thing about limitations on individual freedoms, rights and responsibilities is that they impinge upon your options, choices and decision-making. Take for example the decision to deploy ANC cadres to government, the public service, the public enterprises and the parastatals; this has wrought havoc in your life, making it impossible for you live, work, learn and believe with your entitled liberty, dignity and privacy. You have been unable to choose your way out of the inconvenience of sposhaan service and rubbish-from-the-gutter excuses for that sposhaan service. You have been denied other options that would have made it possible for you to avoid or at least evade the inconvenience, while at the same time your decision-making has been expropriated by some apparatchik who has not a care in the world for your welfare.

Naturally, I’m referring to ESKOM and I want to be clear that I mean ESKOM, not ESCOM, not EVKOM and not EVCOM, although EVCOM is quite messed up as well. The Electricity Supply Commission was called ESCOM while in Afrikaans it was known as Elektrisiteits Voorsienings Kommissie and was called EVKOM. Coincidentally and most importantly it was created in 1922. Do you know what was also created in 1922? The African National Congress (ANC). Yes, indeed, the South African Native National Congress {or Convention depending on your source} (SANNC, founded 1912) changed its name and relaunched itself as the African National Congress in 1922. Interestingly the SANNC was preceded by the Natal Native Congress founded by John Dube (1900), which was modelled on the Natal Indian Congress founded by Mahatma Gandhi (1894). So ESCOM and EVKOM share a year of birth with the crime syndicate known as the ANC. I do for various reasons know a bit about how identity fraud and drug syndicates work. I’m quite sure that the co-incidence of the ANC’s year of birth is where the problems originate, manifesting themselves as “The ANC owns ESKOM”, “Power to the People” and “If we want to liberate our country we must transform ESKOM”.

I remember the late 80’s well. It was an exciting time. In 1985, sponsored by the House of Delegates, PW Botha crossed the rubicon, and began the process of dismantling apartheid. Between 1985 and 1987, there were talks about talks between the National Party (NP) and the ANC. In 1987 there were talks, in Dakar, between the Afrikanerbond and the ANC which initiated the process of direct and indirect talks between the NP and ANC. This meeting in Dakar in 1987, was expensive. The Senegalese who hosted the meeting could not protect the Afrikanerbond and the ANC from the vicissitudes of Negritude while the Nigerians, insulted by South Africa’s dalliance with Senegal, would not let it go. The great solution to pay off the costs of the Dakar meeting, including the gratuities to those who had been offended by the Afrikanerbond’s nonsense and the ANC’s ridiculousness; was to merge the English and Afrikaans. To unite the white, so that it could maintain a cohesive position that would allow it to negotiate with a non-tribal and ethnically united ANC. This was mirrored in all sorts of Anglo-Dutch and English-Afrikaans alliances and unions. The ANC simply wanted what they owed to be paid, because by the late 80’s Mkontowesizwe was a bankrupt Nigerian crime and drug syndicate and the ANC was a bankrupt Nigerian business, both incapable of paying in Dakar or Senegal.

One of the arrangements made in 1986/7 ahead of the Dakar meeting was the unification of ESCOM and EVKOM into ESKOM and EVCOM. The ANC seized upon this and the newly named ESKOM paid for the ANC in Dakar. The Afrikanerbond did not support the renaming of ESCOM and EVKOM because apartheid to them was first and foremostly about separating the English and the Afrikaans, so that the Afrikaners could have their own place in the South African sun. After all, the years of British rule in South Africa had grossly deprived the Afrikaners and by 1948 the Afrikaners had concluded that they, the Afrikaners, were entitled. Nonetheless the newly named ESKOM paid for the Afrikanerbond in Dakar. If you don’t believe me, ask the Senegalese, they will tell you that ESKOM has always been a corrupt slush fund. So that’s where it started. 1987. Within a few years, FW De Klerk had unbanned the ANC and within a few more years the ANC had taken over from and continued the “good work” of the NP. Now where did this leave ESKOM?

Well obviously, Electricity Supply Kommissie is a sickness, just as Elektrisiteits Voorsienings Commission is a sickness. It’s a sickness of inefficiency and confusion, of blindness and deafness and of disrepair and disconnection. The only way that ESKOM managed to get this far is because most of its current power stations were supplied as turnkey installations from General Electric {or another power station supplier, however regardless of whom it was, I will accuse General Electric of the crime}, and for the most part they ran themselves. The current problems at ESKOM started in 1999, during the arms deal negotiations, when the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor project was attached to the Arms Deal as leverage to get better prices and options, on military hardware. This fell through as potential partners were superceded in most category bids. Nonetheless, discussions about new power stations were already underway and what started as a PBMR in every municipality, became four new nuclear power stations in KZN {later KZN and EC} which then became the two new coal-fired power stations known as Medupi and Kusile. MK. Really? Was it really that obvious? What about Medupi Kusile Generation or MKG, do you know whose name that is? Of course its Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. That’s how stupid the ANC is, it started with a problem about the ANC’s role in its own history and ended in the same place with the same problem, billions of Rands later. Stupid.

Now the funny thing about Medupi and Kusile is that before the projects were started, General Electric was asked to supply the four new nuclear power stations in KZN, and when Jacob Zuma gambled that away in his bid to become president, General Electric was asked to supply the two new coal-fired power stations. Zuma’s people interceded and insisted that General Electric not be given the order. Why? Because General Electric was told not to get itself involved in the Arms Deal and the Arms Deal Corruption Scandal. So there was no money for Zuma’s people from General Electric. Look east said Mugabe and off the ANC went to source power stations from Japan, Korea, China, India and the like. As a result of which Medupi and Kusile were not supplied as turnkey installations from General Electric. Obviously the corruption in the actual implementation of Medupi and Kusile is the cause of why these two power stations are not yet fully functional, some twenty years after I last handled the orders for the power stations as part of the Arms Deal.

Why was the PBMR project cancelled in 2010? Did someone gamble it away on the World Cup 2010? Perhaps, but it remains that what started as a good idea, to expand ESKOM, has ended in a bankrupt ESKOM and rolling mass load shedding action. How did this happen? Has ESKOM been paying the blackmail and extortion, the crime and drugs and the Juju and Jinn debts of the ANC and the Afrikanerbond to a Nigerian business from 1987? Has ESKOM been a corrupt slush fund for the ANC and Afrikanerbond? Well let’s see. The Afrikanerbond doesn’t pay the Nigerians. The Afrikanerbond has arrangements ultimately and indirectly with Russian Bratvas. The Afrikanerbond is not peddling its wares in West Africa playing bigdeal and bigshot for the African Union (or previously the Organisation of African Unity). The ANC on the other hand will tell you that the Bantus (the Ntu African people of Southern Africa) are in fact Nigerian. They in fact aren’t, but who’s actually going to tell Thabo to shut up at this point? That not being possible, the Bantus are “owned” by the Nigerians. They in fact aren’t, but who’s actually going to tell Gatsha to give up at this point? That not being permissible, the Bantus don’t owe the Nigerians for anything and may use the Nigerians things and keep the money for themselves. Big mistake. You see many years ago, the Nigerians put Nyanga, Inyanga, N’anga, In’anga, Nganga and Inganga away with such finality that the Bantus don’t have their own magic. They cannot be operated by their own selves or by their own things. Even the Tokolosh is ultimately a Nigerian import. The Bantus are in fact owned as slaves by the Zanzibarian slave traders, a situation that has existed for more than a few hundred years.

What’s the point of this? Ah, the Zanzibarians don’t run the business of blackmail and extortion, of crime and drugs and of Juju and Jinn. Yes the Zanzibarians have magicians, and yes their Juju and Jinn is very powerful, but ultimately the Zanzibarians are Nigerian. So when the ANC and its criminals have problems with organized criminals that require payments to be made to make problems go away, the ANC deludes itself into believing that it’s Russian, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian or even Cuban. Anything to avoid paying the Nigerians. Being under the Nigerians would take the ANC backwards more than 30 years and look how far the ANC has come, seems sad to undo all that hard graft. They pay their own people, who predominantly “chow the money” and they pay their own “witchdoctors” and local “drugdealers” (in fact their drugdealers are agents of Chinese shit-merchants). This for the ANC buys them the delusions they need to continue with their program of looting and keeping. You see if you’re under the Nigerians, you don’t get to vote against the Nigerians. You also get robbed by the Nigerians. So the ANC is stealing from the Nigerians, stealing from the Zanzibarians and stealing from South Africa, and in order to keep the game going is playing hopscotch around the world pretending that it has reflections that pay for it. Stupid. As a client the ANC is a bankrupt non-entity.

So yes, ESKOM has been used to pay for the ANC, because you have to pay in money or magic; and nonsense and ridiculousness are not currencies unless they are codes that result in money or magic. But then again, government, the public service, the public enterprises and the parastatals have all been used to pay for the ANC, because the thing about running away from reality (and the ANC is very cowardly) is that if you owe the Nigerians and run away to (for example) China, you now owe the Nigerians and the Chinese. So that’s a bigger bill. But on the upside you’re under the Chinese, so you can still act like a bigdeal or bigshot and vote against the Nigerians in Africa. Woohoo! Now earlier I said that the ANC steals and keeps; so the companies that make money from the consumption expenditure created by the ANC’s stealing and keeping, pay the Nigerians; and the Chinese (or other runaway destination, what about Russia?) do deals for new business, expanded business, new opportunities and expanded opportunities (effectively more China in South Africa). This is why prices keep going up, the Rand is undervalued and the ANC is trying to nationalize healthcare and property, so that the costs of the personation of the South Africans can be paid to the Chinese, thus completing cycle of the irrational and delusional logic of the ANC; and so that the Chinese can “own” South Africa’s property through the proxy ANC government.

What does this mean for your electricity supply? Well it means that ESKOM is a write off. It’s a complete izala. There’s no way to save ESKOM in its current form. It’s been looted to pay for the ANC, and those that they ANC owes from that still want more. Think about the highly inflated input contracts that ESKOM has. It’s been ruined to pay for the ANC, and those that the ANC used for that still want to be paid. Think about the breakdowns in maintenance, functionality and repairs. All hope of salvaging ESKOM is gone. The ANC wants to continue the General Electric plan and split ESKOM up into three separate public enterprises, Generation, Transmission and Distribution, in the hope that this ameliorates their relationship with General Electric and that General Electric agrees to remake ESKOM thus saving it from ruin. The ANC can’t borrow money from China to refinance ESKOM, because that would be the end of the Russian ANC and the ANC can’t sell ESKOM because that would be the end of the ANC itself. The ANC has painted itself into a corner at ESKOM. There is not way out and no hope in sight. Or is there? The Democratic Alliance (DA) seems to think there is.

The DA claims that it has a plan to fix ESKOM and stabilize the electricity supply in South Africa. Fundamentally the DA want ESKOM split into two businesses, Generation and Supply, and the DA wants ESKOM’s coal-fired stations to be sold off. The rest of the DA’s plan is summarized in these key points:

  • Reject pressure from the ANC’s union allies opposing the introduction of Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Those who are harnessing the potential of renewable energy must be allowed to sell power to the grid immediately!
  • Freeze the build on the last two costly units at Kusile, and look to bring on more IPPs to provide power.
  • Allow Eskom to procure coal from any source, and review all diesel contracts, ensuring the cheapest diesel is sourced.
  • Instruct PetroSA to supply Eskom with diesel at tax-free cost prices to avert a crisis in the short-term!
  • Allow well-functioning metros to source energy directly from IPPs.
  • Reaffirm Eskom’s engineering and maintenance employees as an “essential service” that cannot enter into strike action.
  • Install major smart meters for municipalities to force municipalities to collect revenue timeously.

However I believe that this is not enough. Some time ago I wrote to the Minister for Public Enterprise and gave him some instructions. I detail those instructions here, mindful of everything I have said thusfar:

Dear Minister

These are my instructions to you:

  1. Change the name to ESCOM
  2. Change the name in languages other than English to the appropriate translation of Electricity Supply COMmission and establish the appropriate abbreviations
  3. Fix the power stations – get all of the power stations back online – and get them off their back-up generators (ie. stop burning diesel and start burning coal)
  4. I will pay the other bills in UAE, ie. the ones (non-payment of) which resulted in us buying diesel in the first place – in exchange for which the government must STOP borrowing money for expenditure – rather issue new bonds, some for infrastructure, some for restructuring of public enterprises
  5. Do not dismantle ESCOM and do not privatise any of the Public Enterprises
  6. Establish a SOC that is a mining company – take ownership of every closed mine – reopen them and start mining – sell the products to the Public Enterprises, Coal to ESCOM, Gold to SARB etc. whatever products do not have natural buyers among the Public Enterprises may be sold on the open market
  7. Build 4 new Nuclear Power Stations in KZN on the coast (the scale model facilities with the scale model clones already exist in eThekweni {not eThekwini}) – do not buy them from anyone other than the Russians – they already have a uranium deal with South Africa – that’s all they wanted – if anyone asks for anything else – tell them that I said, “No”. Also do not get caught up in the scam about building them in other provinces.
  8. Buy up all of the state-owned electricity companies in Southern Africa, swop debt for equity where possible, issue shares in ESCOM to the value of the invested Electricity Companies (Do Not Get Conned – get the Accountants and Auditors to establish the actual value of the electricity companies) consolidate ESCOM’s position as the major electricity company in Southern Africa. SADC will accept this as a SADC project.
  9. Separate ESCOM from supplying end-users altogether, insist that every District Municipality buys from ESCOM and supplies to their Local Municipalities, who then in turn supply to the end-users. Obviously the Metropolitan Municipalities will buy from ESCOM and supply to the end-users. If the big customers complain, tell them to support local economic development.
  10. Establish an ESCOM Fund that will finance Independent Power Producers through loans for either startups or existing businesses.

This will give ESCOM an absolute monopoly in Southern Africa.

Thank you for your service

Yours sincerely,

Avishkar Govender

The thing is that I know the ANC won’t do what the DA suggests (which will actually solve the ESKOM problem) and that the ANC won’t do what I suggest (which will actually solve the ANC’s ESKOM problem). My apologies for singling out General Electric and China. There are many suppliers to ESKOM and many creditors of the ANC. Too many to name.

So as we prepare for another year of ANC foibles and maladministration be grateful that you have the power to choose the DA in 2021 and 2024.



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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