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Live tweet your vote instead

“We are breeding a generation of disconnected young South Africans who will become frustrated with the political landscape even though this is their own doing.” — Daniel Silke, Political Futures Consultancy. Take selfies responsibly>, #NoSelfiesInTheVotingBooth. #ElectionDaySelfieSA #inkthumbSA – @IECSouthAfrica —————— @youthvoteZA • 12h Thumb. Check. American Apparel. Check. Off to vote then @vidaecafe for #dailycoffeeritual….

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The unilateral road towards nation-building: Danger signs ahead

By Gugu Ndima I was intrigued by a very innocent, captivating picture on the front page of two major publications. Two “born free” young South Africans who represent diversity in SA were nicely captured. The picture alone tells many tales; at first glance it’s perfect and void of sin or pretence. It’s a picture of…

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