Stories of Help
Stories of Help

Teaching photography can help

It’s no secret that photography is a powerful medium of expression. So powerful that it’s helping Bernard Viljoen, founder and creator of I Was Shot in Joburg, transform the way vulnerable kids in Johannesburg see the world.

“It started in June of 2009,” Viljoen says, “Using my photographic skills and talent to give of my time and resources to make a positive contribution to and enrich the lives of kids who might otherwise not have had the exposure or the opportunity to develop their own photographic skills and talent”.


He wanted to enable them to see the world through different eyes and teach them to look, see, compose and capture what they see in a way they could be proud of.

The three-month project initially focussed on helping kids at Twilight Children, a shelter for former street kids in Hillbrow. Now, four years later, the success of the project has allowed them to move into a permanent space at Arts on Main in the Maboneng Precinct in the Johannesburg CBD.


What makes the project so great is that it fosters photography and skills development projects that are changing lives one snap at a time. “I hope I am rebranding perceptions,” says Viljoen, “Firstly my own. Secondly the perceptions of the students or former street children involved and also the perception of the general public”.

“We have turned an idea into a brand,” says Viljoen, “I love South Africa and the only way to make it a better place is to contribute positively to my immediate environment”.


The best way to support this amazing work? “Support our product range which makes great corporate and personal gifts – they can visit at Arts on Main, order online or contact me,” Viljoen adds.

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This is Bernard Viljoen’s story of help. If you would like to help:

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Cell: 082 922 5674

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    • baz

      Teaching the younger generation the skills of photography
      will enrich them to develope into further careers like: camrea man for
      movie making, commerical photography provided they understand what they are thought. There are plenty areas that one branch into and they need to be encouraged Those who succed will have a future ahead of them. all the best to those who succeed.

    • Laurens

      This seems a great project. But, where are the girls? I only see boys in the photos coming with article.

    • http://Gmail Mbuzeni Ngwenya

      It is a wonderful project indeed,for education to be progressive learning should be seen,colorful or not.One has to relate to the given subject,big up to the project facilitators.