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We will ask questions about CAR

By Ntsako Shivambu

I am one of those so-called clever blacks who believe you are a tribalist, a traditionalist and a clueless politician that doesn’t have any leadership skills. But the reason I’m writing this letter is not to talk about that but what you said during the memorial service for the soldiers who died in the Central African Republic — that we all want to run the country. Yes indeed we want to run it because our tax money is involved.

You forget that we are shareholders who yearn for dividends — better service and accountability by those who use our money.

Mr President, if our investment does not bare good dividends we will irritate you and ask you questions. We will question every decision you take. We will question your governance because you’re not representing yourself but the masses. When the world refers to South Africa they include us. Your behaviour and how you conduct yourself is how the world views us.

Mr President do you want us to keep quiet when our money is used to protect warlords and dictators? Do you want us to keep quiet when you use our money in Nkandla? Do you want us to keep quiet when police officers murder civilians and are let free by the courts.

Sorry Mr President we shall ask you and question you as long as you thrive on our tax money. Let me remind you that you are the president of a country, not a village where the subjects have no say and only the chief has power.

I hope this is one of those cases where the words were lost in translation and you didn’t mean what you were saying. English is not our language.

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    • Momma Cyndi

      *standing ovation*

      I hope he reads this as it reflects my attitude to this mess completely

    • pongoland

      Quite so.

      What happened to “The People shall govern”.

      This guy has got to go.

    • The Creator

      What, precisely, are the questions which you are asking? If you want to actually know what happened, you have to be fairly specific. Ask, for instance, what the exact mission of the troops was, who suggested that South Africa should be the one to send the troops, what intelligence agency was responsible for determining the nature of the mission and how many troops were sent, and which members of our diplomatic corps were responsible for determining the political conditions under which they might be withdrawn; also Zuma could reveal the plans which were made for withdrawal/reinforcement of troops.

      My guess is that the answer to almost all these questions would be “Don’t know, ask Francois Hollande”. Which is the most embarrassing thing about the whole disaster.

    • Steve Woodhall

      Hallelujah! Can we copy and paste this enlightened attitude across the country PLEASE!

    • possum

      Bozize and Zuma and anyone in any position of power should run out and purchase a copy of Machiavelli The Prince. “Nothing is so weak or unstable than a reputation for power which is not based on one’s own forces”. “A prince who does not understand warfare, as well as the other misfortunes he invites, cannot be respected by his soldiers or place any trust in them”.

      Finally there’s this choice nugget “princes who have thought more of their pleasures than of arms have lost their states”. We can only hope so in this instance.

    • Peter Anthony

      Hear, hear Ntsako ! Well said.

      And as a shareholder, I want to know when we can expect dividends fairly shared – not spent on the Presidential Palace !

      The sad thing is : why are all the rest of the shareholders so complacent about Zuma’s incapability ?

    • christopher steenkamp

      @The Creator, I think Shivambu’s slant in this piece was the sentiment fueling Zuma’s stance on a questioning citizenry. The president’s irreverent handling of our rightful curiosity around this CAR $#![ deserves to be squared off with. Our leaders think like rulers and I like that Shivambu refuses to put up with this dark age dribble.

      Result, stellar piece of rant.

    • Ansie du Toit

      Ntsako, you gladden my heart. We have to question all the time. This is why I wish there was a bigger opposition party, then Zuma would be much more careful. Too few ANC members question the party.

    • Camp Quatro

      Thank you Ntsako Shivambu.

    • bernpm

      Well written, thanks.

      Our next turn to answer Mr Zuma’s evasive behavior is at next years elections. Currently we can only ask questions with no control to verify the answers.

      Convince all traditional non-voters to vote for any party except the ANC.
      Convince Cosatu members to demand that Cosatu should leave the alliance and form a real labour party.
      convince all Communists to form a SA Com party and stand independent in elections.

    • Citizen shareholder

      I am stunned to hear a minister,addressing parliament as though she were an ingenue 1st grade educator announce that our troops were surprised because “who ever heard of rebels who have mortars and heavy machine guns”… Like whoever heard of insurgents who didn’t have these things.

      If our beloved Leader’s objective was to advance our imperialist interests surely we should delegate the work to cadres who don’t make even a clueless flunky like The late Sir Anthony Eden sound smart… Was she on some medication?

      So yes those who are awakening do want more clarity than we are getting from those who, as the Bard put “Do protest too much”…. And manage only to sound ,ore and more as though they have something to hide.

      Well said succinct and to the point.

    • abrham

      ntsako you are my man, we need more of your honest questions. just a pity it is wasted on the ANC as they are deaf to reason and guided by obese ego’s

    • http://none Lyndall Beddy

      In a choice between the Tribalists like Zuma and Mandela (who is equally Tribal) and the Detribalised Fingo like Mbeki and Bishop Tutu I prefer the Tribalists.

      Although I have never believed in the romantisised version of Mandela’s childhood as presented in “Long Walk to Freedom” and the film “Mandela”. I never believed that Mandela’s mother was estatic about being the younger wife of a polygamist older man, born out, in my opinion, by the fact that she never appears to have had any interest in men or marriage again after Mandela’s father died.

    • Ant

      That’s just it. Thank you. Zuma is a bully.

    • Dudu Mkhize

      It would not hurt to add one more voice of agreement. Well put, Ntsako. And please don’t stop.

    • Charlotte

      A great piece,Ntsako. You say it like it is. And ask what needs to be asked!

      What an absolute cheek for Zuma to tell us to ‘back off’! (Unfortunately, the soldiers in the CAR could not back off, back down or back away – nor were they given any backing!) Perhaps Zuma will bring out the usual ANC ‘getaway line’- “ It was taken out of context”. Or perhaps he will exercise his ‘private security and secrecy bill’ – and say nothing against blatant ANC duplicity and corruption.

      Quoting Ranjeni Munusamy: ” … the ANC accused the media of “pissing on the graves” of S.African soldiers killed in the C.R. by exposing business interests of the politically connected in that country. …
      ANC MPs defiled not only the graves of these very soldiers, but those of the liberation heroes – making a mockery of the Parliament they fought so hard to be represented in. They showed utter contempt for those who died in Bangui, for reasons yet unknown, and for the people of South Africa they claim to represent ….
      The ANC, once a glorious organisation under the leadership of Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela, has never looked so disgraceful.”

      We are sick of Zuma’s daily condolences to victims of a country completely out of control with crime and corruption. We are sick of the ANC feathering their own nests, at the expense of the country – and ours!

      Actually, the only way Zuma could run a country is into the ground.

    • William Boyle

      Well said . And Zuma – I am calling you out face to face . Let’s arrange your long desired day in court , but with real people , not with this white wash arms deal enquiry. Alternatively , come to my house pal or invite me to yours…

    • Comrade Koos

      One question should be asked before South african troops are sent anywhere; whose financial interests are they benefitting, or are they bringing peace to the region?

    • Mike B

      Interesting; a totally “European” analysis, and quite inappropriate in it’s application of liberal logic and paradigms to an African situation. The South African government is now an absolutely African government – which finally became so with the polical demise of Mbeki, with his hated “European” pretensions (the coconut). Mbeki was halfway to being an African, Zuma is the whole hog.

      Every African government behaves in the same way – there are few exceptions – the resources of the state are appropriated to the use of the ruling clique and it’s ambitions; usually pathetically limited to self enrichment.

      What’s the mystery here? South African troops in the CAR were doing exactly what the Zimbabwean troops in the Congo were doing a decade ago; The Mugabe regime sent them there (as a peacekeeping force) to protect one war lord against the others in return for personal mineral concessions. In that sense our Army in CAR was indeed a mercenary army – only the men on the ground didn’t know it. They were turned out because the Zuma gang strayed a little too far from it’s own back yard.

    • Mandlenkosi Matiko

      Ntsako, thanks for the well written simple truth. With Zuma, (and by extension the ANC) there will always be more questions than answers until they no longer have the 2/3 majority in the parliament

    • ConCision

      CAR Crash
      Will CAR be the CARrot that CARries you off?

      Though murder was not the initial intent
      Death was assigned to this regiment
      With your corrupt duplicity so evident
      You shouldn’t represent us as president

    • AngryCitizen

      My day is coming, when I see these ANC fatcats out of office for sure. I will make sure that I vote until you MrDictator President Zuma are out of office.You are a bully and have no respect for us as citizens of this great nation. I am black citizen and sick of you,we can’t stand your nonsense anymore.If it takes me voting in the opposition until an intelligent and citizens caring party comes along,then i will unashamedly do so.You and your tupid fat cats,self enriching so called leaders are doing us no good anymore and you’ve got to go. The only way to let you know how realy feel is not voting for you and your dumb leadership anymore. Phew..i feel better. Zuma gotta GO!!

    • Charlotte

      @AngryCitizen. It can be done!
      Just bear in mind that the ‘ruling party’ have merely hijacked the acronym ANC for their own political expediency. …
      The Zuma-led ANC (Arrogance, Nepotism, Corruption) bears no resemblance to the non-racial, equal-opportunity vision that Nelson Mandela had for the ANC,
      The ‘ANC” banner is used to play the ‘loyalty card’ for all the loyal-sucker-voters still waiting for this government to make good on any of their fake promises and to stop using money meant to build the country and uplift the poor, for their own greed and self-enrichment.
      Besides which – even if they were capable – this government is too lazy and corrupt to deliver on any promises.
      To repeat Ranjeni Munusamy: ‘They are a disgrace!”

      Exercising your freedom of choice (and remind your friends who haven’t voted in the past) – that we can all vote for a better future, no matter which party we choose – if we vote under the banner of ABANC. …’Anything But ANC’

      When next you lift you pen to make your cross, remember: ‘ABANC’