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William Saunderson-Meyer

Protecting the dignity of politicians

One thinks of politicians as vain and thick-skinned. Arrogant and shameless. Duplicitous bullies. People to tolerate but rarely to love. Men and women with the backbones of amoebae but the survival instincts of cockroaches. It appears one is just so wrong, for it seems that they bleed emotionally like any of us. All the way…

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Sefiso Hlongwane

Whose South Africa is it anyway?

“All those who live in it”? Well, at least according to the Freedom Charter. Cute, don’t you think? Ah, reminds me of when I moved out of my parents’ home to pursue “first-time renting”. Though I snagged a tight-spaced bachelor unit, next door to a Celine Dion friend, who often blasted her music into the…

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Sandile Memela

Brett Bailey must choose – respect Africa or be damned!

There is a lot of consternation in some quarters following the cancellation of Brett Bailey’s visual arts show, Exhibit B , which purports to give insight into the dehumanization and violent brutality of Africans by colonialism. Many of the supporters are aggrieved that the work of this over-rated and provocative white African artist has allegedly…

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Bert Olivier

How the movie ‘Noah’ reflects our ecological failures

Most people who are familiar with the Old Testament of the Bible know the story of Noah, who was chosen by God, or “the Creator” as the deity is referred to in this remarkable film, to give humanity another chance. Except that, in Darren Aronofsky’s version of the story, Noah understands his task differently: not…

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Kagure Mugo

There is an Adult World (or three) on my street

I live within walking distance of four Adult World stores. I counted. I find this strange as I do not consider my area to have red light district tendencies, but this is my current reality. A few weeks ago an Adult World opened up opposite Parliament, apparently for the umpteenth time as each time it gets closed…

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Mandela Rhodes Scholars

‘Start with the room you’re in, change that conversation’

By Suntosh R Pillay “We have too much faith in leadership. It lets us off the hook so we can say someone else messed up.” This was the warning of Rama Naidu, a panellist at the third annual Conversations for Change in Durban. An initiative of The Mandela Rhodes Community, it was held amid tense…

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Vusi Gumede

Biko lives but transformation suffers

As we commemorate the brutal and barbaric killing of Stephen Bantu Biko this time of the year we are once again forced to reflect on where we are as a country against the ideals that Biko died for. South Africa is also marking 20 years of political independence. It is fitting, indeed, to ask and…

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Pimples: Prophet JZ is unshakable

How does one man escape doom every Goddamn time? At the Synagogue Church of Loyal Cadres, everything is possible.

Celebrating our shared sky

Indigenous artists from Australia and South Africa have participated in a collaborative exhibition, organised by the SKA, that celebrates our shared night sky.

Voices of Africa

Tough sell: Marketing Uganda to gay travellers

Uganda is probably the last place a gay holidaymaker would want to visit, but tourism bosses in the east African nation are nevertheless trying to achieve the seemingly impossible. Earlier this year the country drew international condemnation after passing anti-homosexuality legislation – since struck down – that could have seen gays jailed for life. Uganda’s tourism representatives and […]

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Travelling with the extra baggage of Ebola stigma

Upon landing at Kigali International Airport last month, I peered out the window and my eyes caught sight of an official clad in protective gear standing just under a sign that read ‘Arrivals: Ebola testing’. If I had ever been removed from what has been going on in my beloved Sierra Leone, it ended in […]

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Rwanda court’s forgotten men pose challenge to international justice

Justin Mugenzi was legally cleared of any role in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. But an oversight in the international justice system means he remains a virtual prisoner in a United Nations safe house in the eastern African state of Tanzania. “My wife and eight children are all Belgian citizens now,” the 75-year-old former trade minister told […]

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Idris Elba to release Mandela-inspired album

From the looks of things, it seems that Idris Elba has taken his passion and admiration for Nelson Mandela very seriously. Moving beyond his recent role in the Justin Chadwick biopic, Elba was so inspired by the research he did as part of the preparation for his role in Long Walk to Freedom that he […]

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