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Marius Redelinghuys

How do we restore our common humanity, our human dignity?

I don’t know how to introduce myself anymore. I don’t know which hat to wear in public, or in identifying myself. Last week Friday, April 17, I wrote that “I’m not even sad or disappointed. I am pissed off and angry that there are South Africans who are attacking our brothers and sisters — fellow…

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Bert Olivier

The charm of Vienna cannot obliterate the abjection of SA

The conference that my partner and I are attending was supposed to be a welcome opportunity to visit the city of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss, to mention only some of the greatest composers in the western musical canon. And then I haven’t even scratched the surface of Viennese artists and architects of various…

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William Saunderson-Meyer

Moving SA beyond a state of denial

It’s simply the way that South Africa is governed. A state of denial followed by a state of chaos. Then there is the slow dawn of reality, the gainsaying of responsibility and the search for scapegoats. Only when the cost of torpor becomes unsustainable come any attempts to address a problem until then steadfastly held…

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Reader Blog

Four years later, Noxolo Nogwaza’s killers are still free

By Tracy Doig Four years ago today, 24-year-old Noxolo Nogwaza was raped and murdered in KwaThema, Ekurhuleni. The young mother of two was on her way home after a night out with friends. Since Noxolo’s brutal murder, attacks on people because of their gender presentation or perceived sexual orientation are still too tragically common, especially…

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Reader Blog

The world won’t slow down for Africa to catch up

By Dr Noah Manyika Let me start with a confession: I have not always been my wellbeing’s best friend. I have bristled when others have described my lapses in judgment as … lapses in judgment. I have not always been man enough to consider as friends those who point out my shortcomings, and at times…

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Reader Blog

Why the Garissa attack was to be expected

By Stephen Buchanan-Clarke On April 2 2015, Kenya again bore witness to the horrors of another well-planned and executed Al-Shabab-led terrorist attack. Like a recurring Westgate nightmare, five gunmen stormed Garissa University College, separated Christians from Muslims, and executed 150 students, after making many lay face down on their beds. For a brief moment Al-Shabab…

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Kagure Mugo

Afrophobia, a case of self-mutilation

“I sang struggle songs with the South Africans when they were in Kenya hiding from the government.” Granted my uncle later admitted that it was after a few rounds at a local watering hole and he might not have gotten all the words correct but the sentiment was there. This is a fuzzy snapshot of…

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Triumphs and heartaches: The fight for democracy

As South Africa celebrates 21 years of democracy, the M&G's Shaun de Waal spoke to former Azapo leader, Mosibudi Mangena, about the country's future.

Picking up the pieces after deadly quake strikes Nepal

An 7.9 earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday, killing over 3 000 people. Rescue teams have joined the Nepalese response teams to deal with the aftermath.

Voices of Africa

One year on, jailed Ethiopian bloggers are still awaiting trial

In 2012, nine Ethiopian men and women came together to create a blogging collective known as Zone 9. In an autocratic country rife with political corruption and where state-run media is utterly dominant, this was a bold move. Writing in both English and Amharic, the bloggers covered some of the country’s most pressing social and …

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African startups expanding abroad must pick the right markets

Talk to African startups these days and all you hear is “expansion, expansion, expansion”. It comes in all shapes and sizes. A Cape Town-based company immediately plans to expand to Johannesburg. A Kenyan company always has Uganda and Tanzania on their hit list. And, in rarer cases, there are those African firms that are thinking …

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Togo’s taxi drivers left behind by growing economy

Swarming the streets of Togo’s capital Lome, thousands of motorcycle taxi drivers are just some of those left behind by the recent economic growth spurt in the crushingly poor nation. Some have college degrees and work multiple jobs but still take home as little as $1.60 a day transporting passengers in the west African country …

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The mlungu in the room

So this is the place she had always called home; a jumble of houses, shacks and unpaved roads in between the beautiful rolling green hills of KwaZulu-Natal. My parents and I are probably the only white people in a 20km radius. I feel like an intruder. Even at the burial, as I closed my eyes …

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