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Athambile Masola

Approaching women’s month: The misconception about the politically connected women

As we creep towards August the question of women’s empowerment will come to the fore the same way young people become the flavour of the month during June. These conversations will be recycled versions of the conversations that have been happening for many decades in South Africa and will mostly resemble the conversation between Sakina…

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Defending the Self(ie)

It’s been written about before, many a time, but I’d like to take an alternate view on that snap happy habit of taking a picture of yourself. You may call it narcissism but I have a different view. Heck, Kim Kardashian West published an entire book of her own, so why don’t we just pay attention…

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The insurance industry: A broker’s perspective

The increasing complexity of the insurance industry due to regulation, compliance, globalisation and technological advancement presents a veritable minefield that people need to try and navigate on their own. This is where the broker plays a truly defining role in the insurance industry. According to Lee Stacey, Chief Broking Officer at Aon South Africa, they…

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Bert Olivier

Brexit, capital as meta-body, and mytochondria

So it did happen in the end. Brexit. Against expectations, judging by the polls immediately before the referendum on 23 June. But looking back, it is not surprising that it happened. Most of those voting to leave are older voters, whose emotional ties to a Britain before the “free movement” immigration from European Union countries…

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Claire L Bell

The cold white shoulder to shoulder

On Youth Day weekend, thirteen South Africans gathered at a retreat centre in the Underberg to experiment with Insight Dialogue as a way of dealing with the pain and anger caused by the racism and prejudice that is thick in our country. We were an Indian woman, 6 black people (all women), 6 white people (including two men),…

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Vusi Gumede

The South Africa we do not want to know

There is a real South Africa. There is a fictional South Africa. Perhaps there is one in-between. This is a country, not a nation as Christine Qunta persuasively argues in her new book, which got its political independence – not real freedom – 22 years ago. Until the latest and newest African country – South…

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Reader Blog

Philanthropy at odds with student demands

Roanne Moodley With Bill Gates landing on our shores, students have questioned the role that large scale philanthropy should play in the future. At its core, this type of large scale philanthropy is ideologically at odds with the recent call of students. We need to honestly assess what each asserts, whether they are consistent and…

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Lovelyn Nwadeyi brings the house down: ‘Where we have agency, we must use it’

Speaking to the 2016 alumni of the M&G’s 200 Young South Africans, Lovelyn Nwadeyi challenged the youth to acknowledge their positions of privilege.

My body is a battleground: The struggles of transgender people in rural Eastern Cape

The Mail & Guardian looks at the daily battles faced by rural transgender people who struggle with acceptance, culture and discrimination.