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Amnesty International

Ahead of the Bushfire Festival: Five things you don’t know about Swaziland

Swaziland is a small mountain kingdom neighboured by South Africa and Mozambique. Reporting about the tiny country usually focuses on its beautiful landscapes, highly favoured by South African tourists, and the actions of its head of state, King Mswati III. But behind all this picturesque beauty lie a few ugly truths. Here are a five…

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Mandela Rhodes Scholars

Privileged schools could help township schools

By Lehlohonolo Mofokeng Although our township schools prove year in year out that they are capable of producing world movers and sharers, much of their potential is untapped because of factors that only JK Rowling could describe in depth. But what do privileged schools do to level the educational playing field that is often characterised…

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Reader Blog

‘Why would anyone want to become a doctor?’

By Dr Owen Wiese I remember very clearly an incident during my community service, when I walked into the trauma unit at a day hospital in Cape Town one morning and found a patient lying on the trolley, bleeding profusely from a knife wound. I picked up the patient’s file and read: stab wound to…

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Kameel Premhid

The real problem with the DA’s Values Charter

The opportunity for a genuine debate about liberalism in South Africa, started by the DA’s adoption of its Values Charter, is likely to be squandered. In two separate pieces, MPs Marius Redelinghuys and Gavin Davis, both supporters of new DA Leader Mmusi Maimane, demonstrate the real reason for their staunch defence of the Charter. It…

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William Saunderson-Meyer

E-tolls: An ANC act of rare political courage

There is a slowly dawning realisation on the part of the African National Congress government that South Africa is staring down the fiscal abyss. The situation is dire. There are at least four public agencies — electricity supplier Eskom, SA National Roads Agency (Sanral), South African Airways (SAA), and the SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) —…

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Martin Young

Something’s fishy in the state of Sanral

Call SA’s national ANC government nothing but determined! In the face of widespread opposition against the South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) and e-tolling, even from the ANC’s own Gauteng legislature, Cyril Ramaphosa has come up with a “rescue plan”. The details of this plan have seen the expected opposition from Outa (Opposition to Urban…

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Thabang Motsohi

Factional politics destroying ANC from within

The appointment of Danny Jordaan as the new mayor of the troubled Nelson Mandela Bay municipality is interesting from two perspectives. First it demonstrates the central weakness in our electoral system ie that the will of the people is subordinate to the interests of the governing party. Jordaan was parachuted to this role, he wasn’t…

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Featured Multimedia

The school of Rainbow Nation-ness

After 21 years of democracy, it seems South Africa is still struggling with its identity.

SA resident protects foreign nationals in Germiston

A South African businessman in Marathon, Germiston is taking the protection of foreign nationals from xenophobic attacks into his own hands.

Voices of Africa

The AU owes young people inspiration

The African Union owes the citizens of African states an opportunity to gain true inspiration from their organisation. We have not been given that opportunity. The average educated African citizen sees the Union as a toothless dog barking at its problems, and if they surmount, merely burying them in Africa’s backyard, which I imagine is …

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6 African novels to fuel your wanderlust

We’ve picked out six African novels about travel guaranteed to delight any wide-eyed traveler like yourself looking for adventure. No matter how classic or unconventional your taste in fiction might be, you’ll find something on the list to comfort your travel-weary soul or tease out your inner adventurer. 1. Traveller To The East  by Thomas Mofolo …

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‘We are here': Basotho march for LGBTI rights

There is a growing bustle of colour, sound and movement outside Maseru’s Setsoto Stadium this morning of May 16. A crowd is gathering, the majority of them dressed in brightly coloured clothing. Banners, flags and rainbow-striped umbrellas are being handed out. Shouts, whistles and laughter intermingle with the loud music blasting from the back of …

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Porn or pop? Ugandan singer on trial for saucy music video

Bouncing and grinding, singer Jemimah Kansiime’s music video was a hit among her Ugandan fans, but not for conservative politicians who say it broke a tough new anti-pornography law. The 21-year-old singer, who uses the stage name “Panadol wa Basajja” – literally, “medicine for men” – has already spent five weeks in jail after her …

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