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GP’s toxic and seductive phenomenon..

One Friday night, not long ago, I wondered why the youth of GP were dancing.
What are they cheerful about in the midst of the countless ills besetting our country?

My attempt to find the answer to this question also gives clues to where I have been hiding for the past year.

I scribbled the following …

“Ever wondered why YFM is the hottest youth radio station in Jo’burg. Some say in South Africa! Consider the following: YFM is a regional brand, YMag a national brand and Yworld a global phenomenon.

Being part of the Y brand is a sense of belonging; it’s being part of a fascinating youth revolution, a global movement of smart young people.

But to zoom in on why we are shit hot and to give player haters out there a glimpse of where we stand in the global scene, take the example of one of our great DJs, Oscar aka Oskido Mdlongwa.

It’s not just about Oskido — I could have chosen someone like DJ Fresh or Phat Joe to make my point.

Oskido is one of very few industry players who have profiles on Wikipedia.

Here is why this is a big deal! Wikipedia is a full blown encyclopaedia written collaboratively by contributors the world over.

The site is described as a wiki — meaning anybody can edit and add to an article. No view is censored!

It carries a lot of credibility because the contributors are generally people who believe in the work of the individual being profiled. It is a global acknowledgement of a man’s work.

Being on Wikipedia and maintaining an up-to-date profile means you are part of group of special people who have achieved and whose work has touched the hearts of people around the world.

To an extent, especially in the arts – it’s recognition of one’s global standing!

True to these definitions, Oskido’s music has touched millions of people around the globe.

They love him in Zim — where he was born — as much as they do in Kenya, in Nigeria, in the massive clubs of Amsterdam, in Ireland, the rest of the UK and Miami!

Lovers of dance music — house music — the world over acknowledge his contribution to the beat.

It is these people from the South Pole to the north and the west to the east who have taken time to put together Oskido’s biography — written with their own individual tones, according to how they know him and according to how he has touched their lives during a career spanning decades.

Each of these contributors has taken time to contribute to the book. Some have written chapters, others pages, some just a paragraph, an exclamation mark, a comma or just a full stop.

These millions of authors are subconsciously writing the most authoritative biography of a man whose music has given them joyous moments.

Through buying his music, these authors have contributed to what Oskido stands for.

They are fuelling his global ambition!

They have imbibed so much of the toxicity of his beat that they walk the journey with the man.

A lot more do not even understand his language, are not even familiar with local slang but they all agree and bare testimony to the fact that music is a universal language.

I have played Oskido’s music for most of my adult life.

I have watched him grow as an artist.

Like most of those who take their hats off to him, I could not help but grow with him.

In writing this short piece, I am — to an extent — contributing to this global chapter of the man!

I am saying thank you.

Thanks my man — for putting flavour to numerous jamborees I have attended.

For bringing the vibe into my lounge. And for the countless times you have lifted me with your beat.

Lifted me enough to take time off on a Friday evening to pen this blog.

If you have been touched by Oskido’s beat, check out his profile on Wikipedia.

And be inspired by a real life rags to riches story of the man they call Godzilla.

The celebration of Oskido’s life — wherever it is being celebrated — is ultimately a celebration of the YFM brand.

His existence in our midst and the sense of confidence in the future of our country is at the heart of why GP’s youth is dancing.

The celebration of Oskido’s work is also an acknowledgement of the global phenomenon that is associated with YFM.

It is for this reason that player hatters and pretenders to our throne throw us salt!

Once again, something new is brewing at 99.2 — YFM! A new chapter is being written! Embrace it and be part of it!

Much respect to Oskido!



  • Zukile Majova

    Zukile Majova is Head of News for YFM 99.2. He is a former Mail & Guardian Investigative Reporter. He writes politics for Sowetan Newspaper. Contact him via Facebook, Twitter, [email protected], 011 280 0300 and 071 681 0192