Zolani Ngwane

Polarised debate on Charleston hate crime, gun control leads nowhere

By now the story has reverberated around the world, that on the evening of June 17 a 21-year-old white man, Dylann Storm Roof, entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (the oldest black church in the South) in Charleston, South Carolina, and, about an hour later, shot and killed nine of the 12 worshipers gathered there…

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Black consciousness and Nazism, really?

After two days following the postings generated by Thorne Godhino’s article, “With friends like these, does black consciousness need enemies?”, I feel I must now confess to an unfulfilled anticipation on my part that someone (why not me I am not sure) would make a particular intervention in this important conversation. Before I get to…

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My Shangaan mirror: What I do not have and how I could get it

A while back some thoughtful pieces were posted on this site concerning xenophobia. The one that drew my attention most was Tinyiko Maluleke’s “I could die soon”. What I liked most about this article was that it historicised xenophobic sentiments instead of simply representing them as a spectacle that emerged after apartheid. I think this…

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