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When music meets Microsoft ….

Some time back I heard of a group of people on the internet who were spending their time creating graphs of songs titles and lyrics and posting them online – in fact there was a whole song chart pool on Flickr that was collecting them all. As a closet geek with a passion for music, the idea appealed to me hugely and I found myself laughing out loud at a couple. Some stood out for me particularly – here are two:



(If you don’t get them, then feel free to choose another exciting post on this blog to read; the rest won’t make that much sense to you!)

Anyway, at the time I thought it would be fun to create a couple and I promised myself that when I had time I would give it a stab. That was a year ago and I finally got round to doing it. So here are a couple of my own (in the interests of bandwidth I won’t include them all here — the rest you can see on




And a slight variation on this last one, for local flavour:



  • Tony Lankester

    Tony is a corporate animal but it wasn't always so. He used to work in the media, with a specific interest in technology; travel; music; and getting free stuff. He doesn't consider himself a thought leader, although he does confess to having thoughts. He presents the M&G's weekly podcast.