The Sumo

The Kleurling takes it!

Call me NastroSumo, but didn’t I mention in my piece called Making beautiful Coloureds Together that the future of the world lies, with the Tik somewhere in Mitchell’s Plain, in the Kleurlinge? Yes, yours truly, The Sumo, has predicted this current state of affairs being of mixed race is the very way to go,…

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Invasion: Nam

I thought I could never breathe in actual heat short of a flame-blowing display gone smolderingly wrong, but Namibia quickly helps one re-evaluate what one holds as the physically impossible in nature, replacing your sentiments with an extended actual of what reality can be. At first glance one would not understand why a European superpower…

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The Friendly City – wine, women and calm

I can’t get over seeing amaXhosa do manual labour; I just cannot get over it. To the Sumo, a boitjie born and bred in the lush bosom of the KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast and exposure to amaXhosa strictly limited to what I saw on TV (Government officials and celebrity personalities) and heard (through the folklore which…

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Floating dorpies

People are sure to be offended by this piece, people who refuse to see past their prejudices and make intellectual counters, if that may be, to my ideas expressed on this piece. Therefore, the disclaimer just below is probably null, but I feel strongly that people should know that I offer this piece in the…

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Sexual intercourse and the perils of reckless engagement

Disclaimer: I aim to offend no one person or group of people with this blog, really, I don’t. A lot has been done in terms of attempting to teach the South African public about the dangers of unprotected sex and, looking at the statistics of infection rates of terminal sexually transmitted diseases, one would be…

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Sdudla – it’s bigger than you!

Disclaimer: I aim to offend no one person with this blog, really, I don’t. For the non-Zulu among us, first of all, sympathies that you are not spawn from the loins of men who belong to arguably the greatest warrior Nation on Earth; and you do not have royal Zulu blood coursing through your veins….

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Fatness and the void of dignity

There is very little dignity or coolness in being fat. Though people try to tell you differently, that you are normal, there are few occasions when fatness may be misconstrued as a positive. Yeah, there is winter, but that only comes around once a year and although the ladies are quite forthcoming during this rather…

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Commute to Bloem, Part 1

It was with much difficulty that I accepted a directive to pack my bags and haul my great self off to the land beyond the Lesotho Mountains for business purposes. Trust me, had I a choice, I would have never chosen to go to Bloemfontein, but alas, the man that pays my salary demanded it…

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It’s easy for you and I

Let me start by unequivocally stating that I reject in the strongest terms the violence that has been unleashed upon defenseless foreign nationals in the townships and shanty towns of our country lately.,African on African violence reminiscent of the divide and conquer strategy mastered by the old regime. But – and there is a very…

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Violence is not a game

There has been an exponential increase in the rate of reported cases of violence in our schools of late and this time the focus is not on the violence brought about by drug dealing gangsters terrorizing our young ones with a promise of something rather ‘ighry to puff on or snort. No, the violence that…

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