The Sumo

Rugby fans ARE more racist than football fans

This argument is based on race, it cannot be escaped. I refer you to the feast of international sporting content involving SA this past month — it has been awesome! As long as I have had a rich supply of the golden nectar of the gods, slivers of dried and salted animal carcass and toilet…

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No, actually, you do want me to lie to you

The truth is the most overrated thing in the world when it comes to relationships. This fact permeates all the stages of a relationship, from the courtship and honeymoon period, to the stage of “showing one’s behind” and even to the unfortunate, though mostly inevitable end to these necessarily doomed engagements. Throughout all these stages,…

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Life’s little lessons

Life, what a joy and teacher of great lessons on how to live, what your limits are and how to behave as a man of stature. And life commonly finds it necessary to revise these lessons when you seem to be losing your way in blissful ignorance and excitement. It was so this past weekend…

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Dinner with Dandala

Last week Wednesday I had the happy accident of having dinner with the newly formed Congress of the (disgruntled, intellectual) People’s presidential candidate in a very nice restaurant called Ginger in the lobby of The Beach Hotel, Port Elizabeth. Having been in that sleepy hollow for two days already, I was hoping for a bit…

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Stretch and change

“Change? I guess change is good for any of us … I ain’t mad at you, got nothing but love for you. Do ya thang boy!” The late, great Tupac Shakur. People sometimes feel the need for change; well they don’t feel it so much as it makes itself necessary for the individual’s happiness and…

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The peeping Sumo – a moral dilemma

So wrong, yet so right! I bet most of you have these moments, but not as much as I do these days. You know? You see something that is horrendously wrong, but it gives you so much pleasure even though you know your mother would’ve slapped you three times from Sunday had she been close…

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Polygamy revived, but to what end?

I attended a TV talk show recently where they debated the morality of polygamy. I was on the panel because I had written a piece on polygamy in January last year. The blog got tongues wagging. It was subsequently, and maybe more eloquently, covered by respected social commentators like the irrepressible Ndumiso Ngcobo, among others….

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Chopsticks and impromptu slapstick

I always love watching an unfortunate situation sneak up on an unsuspecting victim if it is going to be for my pleasure and amusement, but often it is only in retrospect that you realise just how utterly terrified the unfortunate victim was during the sequence of events leading to his comedic demise; only at the…

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Pregnant & smoking – the Sumo’s moral dilemma of debt

Am I being unreasonable? Am I expecting too much from an expectant mother who is also a smoker? Should pregnant woman legally be allowed to smoke? I ask these questions because I am really at a loss. Where does one draw the line of between being a responsible citizen and condemning unethical behaviour and interfering…

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Love begins, friendship ends – the catch 22

Trying to cope with the debacle of Cope? Here is a respite from that political nothingness – a human piece for a change on Thought Leader; we all need a break from stories about the defenders of freedom with super-human power and squeaky voices. Love, why must it be this way? I have been inundated…

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