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Ivo Vegter

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Ivo Vegter writes and argues for fun and profit. He is a columnist, magazine journalist and apprentice model shipwright. In his spare time, he helps run a research company. He specialises in the tech and telecoms industries, but keeps a blog on politics, economics and other curiosities on the spike

Sense and civility

"The mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it." That's one lesson to take from the Big Bad Bullard Barney.

Bullard sorry, was out to lunch

I described the column over which David Bullard was fired as offensive and condescending, but given the supercilious faux-Victorian persona he's cultivated, not all that surprising, and not worth suppressing by his dismissal or otherwise. I did not expect an apology.

Let the Forum of Black Journalists be

An excellent editorial by political analyst Prince Mashele on the HRC ruling against the Forum for Black Journalists makes me sorry I didn't post my position when the furore first broke. In my defence, I was swamped by a furore with white racists, not black racists, at the time.

In defence of colonialism

Prompted by the debate David Bullard tried -- but probably failed -- to stir (as I argued on my own blog), I wrote a short opinion on colonialism, which I reckon is worth posting separately.

Keystone Kops

The police in South Africa today reminds me of the "kitskonstabels" (instant constables) the old National Party inducted into the police. The police may be getting more money from the government, and more bodies, but from what I've seen recently, they're pretty pathetic as a rule. Shouldn't we spend our money on training first?

Fair trade is unfair

"What developing countries need is to develop, not to have their present conditions of life and work preserved like a museum exhibit," writes Janet Daley in a column prompted by a report that finds "fair trade" to be fundamentally unfair.

How to mop up criminals quickly

The Free Market Foundation's Jim Harris did some back-of-the-envelope calculations, and found some interesting statistics that suggest there aren't all that many criminals in South Africa. It then proposes a market-based solution to the problem.

White supremacists, begone!

Finally, we know the filthy crevices from which they launch their forays. Now we know the pseudonyms by which they go, which organisations they belong to, and what they believe in. I'm talking about the white supremacist scum who hang out here on ThoughtLeader.

Water: Dreaded déjà vu bug strikes

"I can categorically say that we are not facing a water crisis, or a water-contamination crisis," Lindiwe Hendricks, the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry told a media briefing in parliament yesterday. "The water that comes out of our taps is among the best in the world."

Simple solution for power crisis

No plan to fix the power catastrophe in South Africa will work overnight. The crisis is deep and wide and will have grave impacts on economic growth, inflation, and poverty alleviation for many years to come.