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Eskom is bent

If Eskom is bent, what is it going to take to straighten it out?

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Eish and goodbye: the pains of information-seeking

By Glenda Daniels Sorry, in advance, to the politically correct who support sex work and to dentists who love their jobs. But in my subjective mind, while there are many torturous jobs, these two spring to mind first: selling sex to strangers and drilling into someone’s mouth. Right up there, however, has to be an…

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Joburg and journalism: My journey

By Charles Mafa I am a journalist from Zambia who has worked in the media since 1999. I have a wife and three lovely kids. In 2002, I joined Catholic Media Services and six years later, I led a crew that filmed and edited a programme that won the CNN Award for the best HIV/AIDS…

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