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Merrily down the tube, drinkies in hand

South Africa’s annual midsummer shutdown has begun. For the next six weeks the entire economy switches to ‘pause’ mode. It’s a merry interval that’s grown insidiously over the years. What used to be a week off between Christmas and New Year, expanded to encompass at one end the Day of Reconciliation in mid-December and, at…

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How do we galvanise outrage over Mdluli?

What do the racist tweets, e-tolls, the POIB and rhino poaching have in common? Recently they have all been the focus of public outrage. Outrage is a useful thing. It was outrage that saw Jessica Leandra stripped of her endorsements and title, outrage that put a temporary halt to e-tolls, and outrage that has forced…

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The parable of the general and the prosecutor

Let’s call it the Parable of the General and the Prosecutor. It’s a sinister, yet vivid, illustration of how the tools of justice have been commandeered by African National Congress (ANC) cadres for close-quarter in-fighting, as they trample all before them in their quest for political influence. Lieutenant-General Richard Mdluli, head of national police crime…

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