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Pope of the poor?

Many have welcomed the election of a non-European cardinal as a Roman Catholic pope. Prior to the election of Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, there seemed to be general consensus that a pope from either Latin America or Africa would be a welcome break with the dominance of Europeans over the leadership…

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SA conclave to elect leaders

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a 76-year-old Argentine, was elected as the 266th pope which has occasioned an outpouring of unfettered joy from the world’s Catholic community and, let’s face it, no-little pride among South Americans who are happily basking in his glory this morning. What has this got to do with South Africa? Anyone? That’s…

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Give Francis a chance

The amount of anger that seems to have poured out as a result of the election of the new pope has left me feeling both slightly confused and a little pissed off. As a Catholic (who doesn’t go to church very often) the very people who would object to all people of a single group…

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