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Tips on malaria prevention

I’ve recently become aware of two publications about malaria. The first is about preventing malaria in travelling children. The second, about malaria treatment. I’ve also become aware of a product on the market called “Nordman Artemisia Anti-Malaria“. The article in the South African Family Practice Journal by Dr Sophie Mathijs has the title: “Malaria prevention…

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An incorrigible perversion…for men

Last month, linked to Breast Cancer Awareness month, I emphasised a local South African product called Breast Protection Formula™ and its claim that it contains nutrients and plant extracts that help prevent breast cancer. As the US surgeon and breast cancer scientist David Gorski (MD, PhD) stated in commenting on the product: “No, it does…

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The Medicines Control Council and a decade of deliberate deception

The South African Association for Responsible Health Information and Advertising (ARHIA) – of which I am a founding member – has called on the Medicines Control Council (MCC) to remedy the untenable situation in which over 155 000 medicines on the market have not had quality tests verified by the MCC. This creates a serious public…

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