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Marie biscuit corruption shows up the rot

This week a minor official, corrupted with a packet of Marie biscuits, highlighted starkly the present rot and inequities in the nation. Corruption is endemic to all political systems. What differs is how it is dealt with. Because governments in Western democracies are easily voted out, popular outrage over corruption is assuaged by periodically acting…

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Guptagate : Guptas land without permission or fuel

Aakash Jahajgarhia (24) and his fiancée Vega Gupta (23) are set to tie the knot with a lavish wedding, over 4 days, at Sun City starting on May 2. Vega is the niece of the three powerful Gupta brothers who own, inter alia, the New Age newspaper and Sahara computers. Mazeltov to the couple, the…

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The flood caused by opening the Guptagate

It’s been three days since #Guptagate was the top trending topic in South Africa on Twitter and it does not seem like that’s going to change until the weekend. From recent observation, I’ve noted that South Africans are all too eager to jump on the bandwagon and add their two cents to any news story…

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