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An open letter to Discovery Health from a diabetic, this National Diabetes Month

Dear Discovery Health, Earlier today I was driven to tears by an excruciatingly frustrating encounter with Discovery Health. What surprised me most was not, sadly, that a conversation with my medical aid would move me to tears, but that none of my colleagues seemed surprised. In fact, many of them had had a similar experience….

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Discovery Health wants a picture of your anus

Didn’t your mother warn you to never, ever, ever take a photograph of your private parts and give it or send it to anyone, let alone a complete stranger who asks for it? But this is exactly what happened when Donn Edwards, an old school friend of mine, submitted a claim for specialised wound care…

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An open letter to Discovery’s CEO, Dr Jonny Broomberg

Dear Jonny Thank you for coming to speak to us last week. In light of recent media exposure the prospect of meeting 20 angry doctors and specialists must have been daunting. Your DM to me that you were “looking forward to it” was a surprise, but it strikes me that you are up to any…

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