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Popular psychology for SA’s politically frustrated

Forget the Rorschach test. There’s no need to peer at inkblots to divine psychological conditions. The ANC government is a living breathing Petri dish, incubating almost every cognitive deviance to have graced a psychiatrist’s couch. Let’s start with multiple personality disorder. Or could it rather be mirrored-self misidentification, the delusion that the person in the…

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Malema: Finish and klaar or klaar but not finished?

What now for Malema? Is the latest ANC national disciplinary committee (NDC) verdict plus the revised and harsher sanction the final nail in Malema’s coffin? Is he finish and klaar or is he klaar but not quite finished? For 12 more days at least, he is still president of the ANCYL. For 12 more days…

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