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Dear atheist, stop talking about Jesus

If you want Jesus to go away you have to stop talking about him, and it’s perfectly okay in modern society to not believe in God, but you have to stop telling the world about it at every opportunity, or you merely affirm its existence. Let me explain: I have been fortunate to spend this…

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Give Francis a chance

The amount of anger that seems to have poured out as a result of the election of the new pope has left me feeling both slightly confused and a little pissed off. As a Catholic (who doesn’t go to church very often) the very people who would object to all people of a single group…

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Bad news for good children

‘Suffer little children to come to me…’ That’s the comforting injunction with which Sunday School kiddies are assured that their innocence affords them a special place in their God’s heart, as recorded in the Eezee English of the so-called Good News version of the Bible. In an imaginary Bad News Bible, edited to reflect today’s…

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