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Boston bombs refuel the trauma tank

I’ve been reading the horrific spate of bombings just this week, and recounting with terror, the images of bombings that have penetrated our consciousness through much of the past two decades at least, some in recollecting Hiroshima, lest we forget, but most notably in recent times, the never ending images from 07/07, 9/11, and in…

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Who is the Boston bomber?

By Rich Brauer I was born in Boston, and spent the vast majority of my first 32 years there, before moving to Pretoria/Tshwane in 2007. With the recent bombings at the marathon, I wanted to give readers a bit of context on what has happened. The Boston Marathon occurs on the third Monday in April,…

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Boston’s loss of innocence

“Tonight I write the saddest lines”, so begins a poem by Pablo Neruda, in it he talks of a love lost, but for me, I mourn the lost innocence of the city I love. Boston gave me back my life. When I arrived here in late 2010 I was sick, physically and emotionally. I was…

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