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Mum and the stolen iPhone

Over the weekend I met up with my friend the Diplomat and he presented me with an opportunity that I could not resist. We had not chatted since December when he spent his holidays in Cape Town and it was time to catch up. Although his time in the Mother city delivered on all the…

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President Obama, the Apple of politics

President Obama has a lot in common with Apple. Both started off as challengers to mainstream hegemony. Both appealed to individuals who fancied themselves as iconoclasts, rather than corporate overlords. Both inspired idealism and both ensure adherents the kind of tribal affiliation most of us crave in same form. Both, too, have seriously flawed records….

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My favourite words of wisdom from Steve Jobs

This morning I woke to the news that Steve Jobs has died. At first I thought it was another ghastly Twitter hoax, but then I saw the links coming through and I realised that no, this time #iSad was anything but a sick joke. I thought immediately of the quote I keep on my Facebook…

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