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SPCA paint can help

When Jody Yong went to select a dog from her local SPCA in March this year, she was shocked at the state of the facilities – both that of the staff and the animals who call the Springs SPCA their home. Even if it is only till adoption or premature death do them part.

Although the staff did what they could, their love for the animals could only go so far with the limited resources at their disposal. The facilities hadn’t seen a paint job in years, windows were broken and the garden was overgrown and neglected. In addition, an electric system in shambles meant that the dogs’ heaters did not work during the winter.


She didn’t waste time by agonising over it though and took action by creating a Facebook page, drafting a list of supplies and hosting a community day where the community could bring their donations and skills to revamp the premises.

“I’d never done anything like this before and it’s a daunting task to tackle by yourself. But what I saw broke my heart and I had to do something. We did not have as big a turn out on the first day as we had hoped, but the community members who did pitch in were amazing.”

And so Jody found a new home for her heart where she will be hosting regular community days, bingo evenings and other fundraising initiatives.


The SPCA is not state subsidised, but relies on donations from warm-hearted community members and when they reach their limit, some of the animals need to be put down. As everyone knows, no-one wants to adopt an older dog who’s exchanged his puppy face for bad habits. Sadly, these are the dogs that never get adopted and are put down first.

Although sad that the SPCA will always be needed as a home for animals, Jody does her bit to improve their quality of life. In revamping the premises, the animals also stand a better chance to be adopted into good homes.


This is why she is hosting another community day at the Springs SPCA on 3 August where volunteers can bring their braai meat, donations and family to make a difference to the lives of those who cannot help themselves.

“My heart is completely invested now and I’ll always be part of this organisation.”

At the moment they’re only doing gardening and painting, but they also need to fix the cages, plumbing and electricity; feed, entertain and deworm the animals; and look after the staff. A full list of supplies is available on their Facebook page.

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This is Jody’s story of help. If you would like to help:

Jody Yong
(t) 079 500 8405
email: [email protected]facebook:


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