Stories of Help
Stories of Help

A feeding programme can help

Odette and Ebrahim Hossen are two remarkable people. Since February 2009 they have been running a community outreach and feeding programme in aid of those less fortunate in their community.

They ensure that the Pietermaritzburg communities of Cinderella Park, Madiba, Tembalihle and Eastwood get a warm meal every Monday and Thursday. Their feeding programme ensures that some 250 children and 100 adults do not go hungry on these days.


Operating out of their home, their programme is more than just a belly-filling scheme. They also provide second-hand and new clothes to community, help people apply for grants and assist those having issues with municipal accounts.

On occasion they are able to arrange for the Gift of the Givers to distribute to the community. And even facilitate, with the help of local government, educational and motivational talks about issues these communities face like HIV and Aids, teen pregnancy and drug and alcohol abuse.

As you can imagine, running a community programme like this is neither easy nor cheap but the Hossens always seem to find a way to make it work. The programme runs on a paltry R3 000 a month to supply groceries, gas, wood and transport to those most vulnerable in their community. Securing sponsorship from local business and organisations is a massive challenge and the Hossens find themselves dipping into their own pockets most months to ensure the programme survives.

Besides monetary requirements, heavy-duty pots and shelter from the elements for the community in their front yard are top priorities for them at this stage.

She’s very pragmatic about asking for help and says that others can get involved “by paying us a visit to see what we actually do so they can make an informed decision on how they can help sustain and grow this programme”.

This is the Hossen’s feeding programme story of help. To read more stories like these visit

If you would like to help:

Odette Hossen
(t) 073 491 8378
Email: [email protected]

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