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Siyanda Mohutsiwa

Posts published by “Siyanda Mohutsiwa”

Siyanda Mohutsiwa is a 20-year-old mathematics major in her final year at the University of Botswana. An avid reader, sighing feminist and optimistic African, she can be found behaving inelegantly on twitter (@siyandawrites) and doing the same on (siyanda-panda). (the password is "panda", use it wisely).

Why we choose materialism – part 2

Because, it is far easier to want a nicer, more expensive outfit than it is to ask ourselves why we can never conceive that we…

Why we choose materialism – part 1

Some of us choose materialism. The decision to put all our hopes and dreams into a basket weaved out of the material of economic consumerism…

Language survival, some harsh truths

The definition of a dying language is not a complicated matter. It is not even a semi-complicated matter. But it is certainly quite a sensitive…