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The dawn of a new era of hope for desperate Zimbabweans

The reaching of an agreement between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai is a momentous occasion. After months of the egos and selfishness of these two leaders’ overwhelming reason and deep concern for the people of Zimbabwe, the people of Zimbabwe can now finally sigh in relief as there appears to be hope on the horizon.

Zimbabweans have endured protracted suffering and tyranny under Robert Mugabe’s repressive regime and they deserve reprieve from their economic misery. While they remain clueless as to what the agreement holds for them, they can have confidence in the belief that nothing can be worse than it presently is, and their situation can only get better.

Only on Monday, September 15 2008, when the clock strikes ten, will they know what their “messiah” had agreed to and what miracles he promises within the constraints of a country in ruins and the charitable benevolence of foreign sympathisers.

As concerned neighbours of the desperate people of Zimbabwe, we do hope that the agreement reached signals a lasting political solution. Morgan Tsvangirai has in the past displayed character not fitting of a head of state and responded in a childish manner. I hope that during these periods of tough negotiations, he had matured into a leader capable of carrying on his shoulders the hopes of millions of people who have long suffered under tyranny and looking for inspiring and decisive leadership.

The people of Zimbabwe have been spared from remorseless tragedy and we commend both parties for allowing reason to prevail; for allowing interests of Zimbabweans to take precedence before their own self-interests; for stopping to fiddle while their country burned. Most importantly we must commend President Mbeki for helping the people of Zimbabwe find a solution from their political quagmire.


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