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Wild Reading, October 3-9

Being a science writer, I spend most of my time reading, digging for stories and finding out what is going on internationally. Wild Reading is about sharing these amazing snippets. Some of these are linked to stories I’m working on, some are just strange things that have found their way onto my computer screen. All of them are pretty amazing. So here are the links to the things that I’ve been wowed, horrified and excited by during the week.

I’m sorry
I’m not really but saying it makes you trust me

The robot apocalypse
When they come for us, they will probably look like this – cheetah robots from the future.

Calming the savage beastie
You just can’t win with a cat.

Tunnels in the Antarctic
If the aliens were on Earth, they’d be living here.

Sequencing the genome of a Bushman and a Tutu
Africa’s genetic diversity has been revealed by the full genomes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Bushman tribal leader !Gubi.