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Darren: A new word for our dictionaries


Transitive verb
1 To use racial epithets to refer to a member of another racial group.
2 To racially abuse another individual.
3 To explain the repeated use of verboten racist epithets on the grounds of anger, stress and/or drunkenness.
4 (Possible future use) To beg forgiveness for the use of racist language.

1 A boorish individual who uses racial epithets.
2 To be caught using racist language.
3 To watch one’s career go up in flames as a result of the use of unacceptable language.
4 (Possible future use) to beg forgiveness and explain what happened in a tell-all interview with You and Huisgenoot.

Examples of DARREN
When he darrened that car guard I was so ashamed.
Watch that chick — she darrens everyone when she’s in a bad mood.
After he did a Darren it was tickets for his career, bru.
No more tequila for you dude — do you really want to do a Darren?
That guy is such a total Darren.

Origin of DARREN
In September 2011, Jacaranda morning show and SuperSport host Darren Scott was revealed to have used a highly offensive racial epithet to refer repeatedly to a co-worker to whom he had lent money, and who had failed to pay him back. Scott subsequently resigned and became a top trending topic on Twitter, not only in South Africa but worldwide. Scott was the latest in a long line of instances of individuals encountering the career-limiting possibilities of using the k-word, but its most high-profile casualty.

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Synonyms: doos, idiot, moron, racist, pillock, chop, tjop