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Why the acid?

The saying: “someone’s really acid”, contains more substance than one might think.

It’s not only a result of being jacked off about something/someone, but can actually have a physiological cause. Those bad moods and snide remarks could be the result of an acidic physical make-up.

Being interested in good health and exercise, I’m always on the look-out for new ways, means and cheats, which will (1) make me younger (not just look it), (2) get rid of that orange peel, (3) give me flawless skin, (4) magically turn me into Angelina.

So, turns out some of these are a little improbable if not downright impossible. In this search, I recently discovered sevenpointfive.

The concept behind sevenpointfive is that the body’s optimum functioning of organs and overall well-being occurs at a pH of 7,5. For those with some recollection of chemistry, this is a slightly alkaline pH (seven being neutral). PH is a measure of the activity of free hydrogen ions (H+) and acids have more free hydrogen ions than hydroxide (OH-) ions. This is where the chemistry lesson ends.

Fact is, modern diets, consisting of unhealthy fats and processed foods coupled with modern living conditions in polluted cities in stressed environments (which lead to smoking and overindulgence in alcohol and other substances) all collaborate to ensure that the body’s pH drops below seven, an acidic composition.

This in itself is not a train smash, although it could contribute to the flaring up of inherited disease and ailments, such as diabetes, cancer and other nuisances, including mental afflictions. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is the single cause, but it is a contributing factor. On the lighter end of the scale, it shows first in things like the skin, kidneys and liver, with these organs stressing to break down and eliminate toxins from the body.

I have suffered from various nuisance skin conditions in my adult life (since moving to the city, I might add) and decided that it was time to find out what my blood was up to in order to figure out what my skin is having to deal with.

The tests work as follows: do not eat or drink anything but water for an hour before seeing the sevenpointfive consultant. You will have to slime a little indicator paper (with saliva of course) and then have your finger pricked with a tiny jabbing needle. The indicator paper is compared to a pH scale and the blood drop is smudged onto a microscope slide. By this time you will have had a reading of your specific pH level and realised that you seem to have been eating limes for the past three days. This is where the fun starts!

I don’t know many people who have had a first hand look at their own blood, with someone explaining to them exactly what the little USOs (unidentified swimming objects) are and whether they should be there or not. This was my first time. Low and behold, there were my red blood cells, a little bit too overlapping to absorb oxygen freely and make work of proteins and fats (note one: fix reds).

Also in there were a few reds that had strange little black spots on them, free radical damage I am told (note two: fix reds).

Suddenly a white blood cell comes into view (there are much fewer of these than the reds, about 10% or less), but they are smaller than they should be, which means that they are either straining to fight of nasty viruses and disease or just not recuperating properly (note three: fix whites).

Another thing swims into view, and I mean swims … apparently a rod-shaped bacteria, which can further support the break-down of my threatened cells (note four: kill bacteria).

So, this begs the question: “What do I do now?”.

I eat rather healthy (so the odd glass of red wine and chocolate is in there, but really, a girl’s gotta have fun). I exercise regularly (and quite vigorously), I take supplements (vitamins, minerals, omegas and more), so where did I go wrong? I am told that this may have something to do with too much refined foods (hmm, white rice is even in there!), too much exposure to pollution (perhaps I should move to the country?) and general stress and unhealthy environments (so, more massages required!)

In order to address these issues I need to raise my pH to 7,5 and take the right nutrients in the right quantities. Only the good stuff I am told — don’t go for cheap imitations.

Well, after having told myself I would not purchase anything during this visit, I faltered very quickly. It’s amazing what the sight of your own living blood can do to pre-convictions. So far, so good. It’s been almost 10 days with a steady intake of coral calcium and some new vitamins and minerals and it seems that my skin is healing itself> I’m not sure if my pH is right yet, but we’ll find that out in the next few days.

I have wondered a few times though: “is this the new fad, or is there substance to this 7,5 concept?”

I will give it a chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I’m pretty sure there’s some truth in “you are what you eat” too. Wow, the amazing learning that’s out there — all this knowledge for healing ourselves and our planet, all we have to do is do.