Roy Jobson

‘Trauma counselling’ is not news

If our various news services are to be believed, South Africa is riddled with trauma counsellors. After virtually any disaster, accident, or just an unfortunate event, we’re often informed that the victims are receiving “trauma counselling”. Where do these counsellors hide out? What do they look like? How come they’re always available and on the…

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Trading insults: Khulumani, Korman, Maduna, Mabandla

When the Khulumani Support Group’s appeal against the dismissal of its international lawsuit (Khulumani et al v Barclays et al) was granted recently, the decision was not, as implied by most reports, unanimous. The dissenting judge (in three parts of the judgment), Judge Edward Korman, stated that “[the] lawsuit [is] an insult to the post-apartheid,…

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