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Rod MacKenzie

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CRACKING CHINA was previously the title of this blog. That title was used as the name for Rod MacKenzie's second book, Cracking China: a memoir of our first three years in China. From a review in the Johannesburg Star: " Mackenzie's writing is shot through with humour and there are many laugh-out-loud scenes". Cracking China is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle or get a hard copy from
His previous book is a collection of poetry,Gathering Light.

A born and bred South African, Rod now lives in Auckland, New Zealand, after a number of years working in southern mainland China and a stint in England.

Under the editorship of David Bullard and Michael Trapido he had a column called "The Mocking Truth" on NewsTime until the newszine folded.

He has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Auckland. if you are a big, BIG publisher you should ask to see one of his many manuscript novels. Follow Rod on Twitter @

Reflections on nearly dying the other day

“We really need you to fart,” the cute nurse said sternly as I lay on my hospital bed, feeling the hookah of the morphine drip…

Assange T-shirts and the US’s Newspeak

Man, the world we live in now works in nanoseconds. Up-to-the-minute Julius Julian Assange T-shirts are available for ordering here. He has barely been jailed…

WikiLeaks just a smokescreen

As I wrote this I felt I’d been given a challenging advertising brief: write a campaign that will convince zealous feminists to happily subscribe to…

New Zealand betrays the human race, SA doesn’t

Oh New Zealand … would something please HAPPEN?!? We humans are Happening People, and “happening” stuff collocates with happy. I see from the etymology that…

Pssstt…hey sexy! (that’s me)

“Wheeet!” they whistled. “Hey sexy!” Two lithe lasses in bikinis were crooning after me. In my slim twenties I got that quite a bit (especially…

Why can’t more men be like me?

I stare at the messy kitchen used by seven people where we live here in Auckland and see the challenge. Long ago I learned to…