Phillip Dexter

Of mice and Malema

The re-election of Julius Malema as president of the ANC Youth League came as no surprise. The platform afforded him by the court challenge to his singing “the song whose name will not be mentioned” settled any doubt as to his intelligence, the fact of him being so articulate also consolidated his support base. As…

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The counter-revolution will not be publicised

P Dexter, MP Congress of the People Chair, minister, deputy minister, chair of the Mineral Resources Committee and the director general, Advocate Sandile Nogxina, whom I also commend on his 14 years of good service to the department. I start by acknowledging my daughter, Maya, who is here today. Nearly five-years-old, she is here to…

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Freedom Day and Andries Tatane: Four countries, a killing and a wedding

As Andries Tatane was laid to rest by his Cope and other comrades, his neighbours, friends and family, the ruling party sent the MEC whose poor track record Tatane was demonstrating against, to speak at his funeral. This thoughtless act was a sign of our times. Symbols, whether relayed in the former of pictures, icons…

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Blade, the Setas and Mammon

The tragic saga of the Setas visited upon them by the Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande has been couched in language to do with “skills, training, accountability and democracy”. As with so many instances before this, things are not what they seem when it comes to the antics of the general-secretary of the SACP….

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The ghost in the machine

Anyone observing the “Spook Wars” between elements of the intelligence community should be forgiven for thinking that this is just a testosterone driven phenomenon, or a case of “my secret gadget is bigger than yours”. In reality, this disturbing phenomenon, most recently seen before the ANC’s Polokwane conference, is a feature of the ongoing social,…

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