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A really short blog

By Roger Diamond


Let me explain. Peak oil theorists and activists have been warning of the possibility of imminent peak oil for many years now. And what we have been saying is coming true. Oil-price spikes, revelations regarding ACTUAL oil reserves and production, economic tantrums, social unrest, rising food prices and so on.

So listen closely.

The bad news is that peak oil is real and seems like it is here. The good news is that peak oil theorists are not only concerned with predicting catastrophe and misery, but also ways to avoid it. So if we’ve been correct so far about predicting the nasty things, maybe we are correct too in what we say regarding mitigation.

Further confirmation about what we say regarding mitigation is that many other thinkers come to similar conclusions, although they started in a different place, be it environmental destruction, resource conservation, climate change or social justice.

The mitigatory measures from most of these “movements”, for want of a better word, are not an identical set, but do have a lot of overlap.

Maybe then it is time to discover what you can do to help avert or mitigate the effects of peak oil in your life.

And maybe it is time to make your own chocolate eggs at home and wrap them in recycled off-cuts of present wrapping paper and hide them under the vegies in your backyard.

This will probably also be a whole lot more fun for your kids than sitting on a plane to have a week spent in shops and galleries in Paris!