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#AndreOlivier: A world where white people took nothing from black people is not a real world, it’s an imagined one

By Sheena Jonker A South Africa where white people gained the position in society that they occupy and the place in the economy that they enjoy through sheer hard work, is an imagined South Africa. It’s not real. When Pastor Andre Olivier says “We (white people) took nothing from black people” he was accessing this…

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Open letter to a black South African, release the chains of an enslaved mind #AndreOlivier

By Lesego Setou Dear Black South African, I write to you from one soul to the next. I would like to know at what point did we forget our divinity that we seek affirmation of our worth from pastors? Could it be that we have things we need to heal within our self? That we…

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Rod MacKenzie

For the anally correct and the politically retentive

To my impish mind the human bottom with its neat, vulnerable, curved groove looks like a huge smile. Think of the proverbial plumber in his too tight jeans, on his knees sweating over a drain pipe: he always has a smile from behind, sometimes a little hairy. Half-exposed bottoms cause giggles and bring us down…

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Bert Olivier

The Tshwane protests, Freud and how to control a crowd

It is regrettable that so many thinking people today – even those in the discipline of psychology – regard the work of the founder of psychoanalysis (which is by no means synonymous with psychology) as being of no more than historical importance, and Sigmund Freud himself as a historical curiosity. And yet, Freud is more…

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Business interruption due to a breach is top cyber risk concern: Aon Global Cyber Benchmarking Report

Findings underscore importance of conducting a cyber risk assessment, Aon outlines a three-step approach for assessing cyber risk The costs of business interruption due to a breach is the top cyber risk concern for businesses across all industries, according to the 2016 Captive Cyber Survey report just released by Aon, the leading global provider of risk management. Aon’s…

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Marius Oosthuizen

Racism, an idea whose time has come, again

As Britain votes to leave the EU, Polish immigrants have come under fire with xenophobic and racist attacks in the bastion of parliamentary democracy. This is no coincidence, as millions of migrants from north Africa, eastern Europe and the Middle East pressurises the once hospitable European community on issues of immigration and race relations, there…

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Joe Kitchen

Whiteness – it must be possible to transcend black and white divisions (Part 2)

In many ways, this is a time of awakening. I should say “rude awakening”, because the awakening I am speaking of holds many unpleasant surprises. With “awakening”, I mean the sensation of seeing something for what it is for the first time. Waking up from false preconceived notions. A flash of recognition after which nothing…

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Mabuza swearing-in postponed to address allegations before integrity commission

It is unclear when Mabuza will be meeting the integrity commission or when his swearing in has been postponed to.

Zuma a ‘victim of mob justice’ — Sikhakhane

Former president Jacob Zuma’s application for a permanent stay of prosecution is underway in the high court in Pietermaritzburg,