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Jaco Barnard-Naude

Sexual orientation discrimination is never just that

In the late nineties, Prof Francisco Valdes from the California Western School of Law, set out to address what he saw as a dangerous loophole in American anti-discrimination law. The loophole existed in the context of sexual discrimination laws. At the time, discrimination on the grounds of sex and gender was outlawed, but, as a…

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Marius Oosthuizen

State capture: Just a big BEE deal

Thursday was a momentous day in South African democracy. A Chapter 9 institution, empowered by the Constitution, reported on an investigation into the sitting state president and called for the formation of a judicial enquiry into so-called state capture. Notwithstanding the fact that people are innocent until proven guilty, the prima facie evidence is that…

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Bert Olivier

Why one should NOT vote for Trump in America this Tuesday

There are many reasons why voters in the United States should not vote for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, on Tuesday, November 8. These include the fact that he has, on several occasions, shown himself to have a questionable attitude towards women, and generally towards a variety of minority groups in America, at a time…

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Thabang Motsohi

Where did the ANC get it wrong and can it redeem and re-invent itself?

In my previous contribution in this column “The ANC must undergo creative destruction to re-invent itself and survive’’, the theme of my message was that the task of reinventing the ANC and repositioning its brand cannot succeed without a leadership overhaul. I have since received numerous messages raising the question; where did the ANC get…

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Gavin Foster

Tim Noakes vs Dr Ferdinantus Booyens – the curious machinations of the Health Professions Council of South Africa

It’s astonishing how much effort the Health Professions Council of SA has put into pursuing Tim Noakes, even to the extent of announcing a victory before judgment is handed down. They’re not usually that dedicated though. Take a look at the bizarre case of Dr Ferdinantus Booyens, who dominated the front page of Durban’s newspapers…

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Siya Mnyanda

Better organisation would make Fees Must Fall more successful

There are so many phenomenal stories about our political freedom that are less told. The story of Ruth First is such a story. First was a white women who forwent personal privilege and devoted her life to the anti-apartheid struggle. She was eventually killed by the apartheid government in 1982. Yesterday, I attended an event…

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Marius Oosthuizen

Should the UK, US and China abandon South Africa?

South Africa is leaning over the edge of a political cliff as the president loses the support of key allies in the tripartite alliance. His attack dogs, such as Shaun Abrahams in the National Prosecuting Authority, Collen Maine in the ANC Youth League and Bathabile Dlamini in the ANC Woman’s League, look increasingly like poodles…

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Killer's life sentence gives family 'a little peace'

The man who beat Danel Rooskrans to death is behind bars, but that doesn't change the pain and rage her loved ones are left with.

Police Minister Bheke Cele addresses Jeppestown

Police minister Bheki Cele visited Jeppestown on Tuesday to speak to business owners and community leaders.