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Of Aussies, booze and handbags

Ah, so those Aussies are at it again. With the Rugby World Cup just around the corner, Matt Dunning and Lote Tuqiri have managed to earn themselves Cup curfews after yet another episode of booze-filled shenanigans. When will they learn?

Web 3.0: It just had to happen

It just had to happen. Someone had to “define” Web 3.0. And it wasn’t just an ordinary someone. It happened to be Eric Schmidt the…

Google News to accept comments

Ars technica has reported that Google news will be accepting comments from users. This is sure to fire up the already-simmering relationship between the big…


When I started blogging about 6 months ago, I never realised that it would take over my life.

Spy shots of the Mercedes SL AMG

Mercedes has decided to let the current SL prowl the streets for another couple of years before the all new SL debuts. The SL range has enjoyed good sales figures and with the face-lift next year they hope to ensure another successful model. These photos, taken just recently in the states by uber spy-shots photographer, Hanz Lehmann, capture an SL AMG model as it undergoes high temperature testing with it’s sexy bits covered up.

The upside of an unfree press

Like the charred oak of a toasted wine barrel, an acute struggle for liberty imparts rich vitality to an oppressed media. The all-enveloping mix of peace and violence, calm and trauma, relief and fear, elation and despair creates in reporters a sense of history, and of the role and responsibility they have in its unfolding.

So, are the fatties fair game as subjects of humour?

Anyone who has bothered to read my collection of satirical pieces entitled, ‘Some of my best friends are white’ [cough*go-out-and-buy-it*cough] might have been picked up the fact that I often come across as ‘cantankerous’. At least that’s what someone told me after reading a few chapters.

Whisked away : an oral edventure

Friends thronged around, fine whisky in hand… and a whole lot of learning going on: last night a classic edventure unfolded, in a very civilised fashion. Most grown-ups have gratefully plonked education into a dreary dried-out department in the dusty history section of their lives. Thankful not to have to endure another classroom again. In succumbing to the damage of outdated Industrial Age schooling, that still haunts children around the world, we have forgotten so much of the exhilaration of lifelong learning.

Who shakes and shapes the blogging field?

Remember when all of South Africa was united in a shared spirit of triumph and optimism, when the old guard was one with the new revolutionaries? That was 1995, and South Africa was on its way to winning the rugby World Cup and the football African Nations Cup. It was a great time to be a sports fan, and a great time to be a South African.