Beverley Merriman

Your attitude in 2008

I love living. I believe in passion, commitment, unconditional love and in positive change. I believe that each one of us has the ability and also ample opportunity to make a difference to the people around us, as well as to the society in which we live. I believe in endless possibility. I believe that the human spirit is truly remarkable.

Too many people today are disgruntled, depressed, sad, morbid, ruthless, greedy or self-absorbed. Obviously, this is a choice as well as a state. To me, attitude and choice are very closely related.

Life is full of surprises [otherwise termed as problems]. How you overcome these will determine your state of happiness, satisfaction, contentedness and success in life. Ultimately, this comes down to conscious choice: a choice to problem-solve with a positive attitude or a choice to be selfishly stubborn and destructive.

I don’t believe life is about you as an individual — it’s about how you contribute to society, starting with the people closest to you and the people you come into contact with. It’s about adding value. It’s about caring. Frankly, it’s about all the small and seemingly irrelevant things that are often taken for granted.

It’s not about winning gold or losing silver, it’s not about power, fame, success or material possessions — it’s the smallest gesture, a kind word or a random act of goodness. It’s about contributing in a passionate manner, with an open mind and an enthusiastic and caring attitude.

Life, to me, is about the basics — it’s about honesty, love, responsibility and a quest to reach your potential through using every grain of talent you have.

Choosing to ignore the small things that make life special is undoubtedly sad. Choosing the negative over the positive, the destructive over constructive, doesn’t make sense at all. It uses the same [if not more] energy, effort and intellect.

It’s a sin to waste a brilliant mind, talent or opportunity because of a miserable attitude. Ill-treating people, having no respect for human emotion, little regard for consequence and shockingly little remorse over one’s actions is absolutely incomprehensible. Going through life with a morbid, sad-arsed attitude is shameful.

No satisfaction, love and success can ever be obtained through selfishness and negative thoughts. No one can truly live when they are caught up and entangled in mistakes and past happenings. No one can contribute positively when stuck in this mode. It is a fact of life that wrong choices will sometimes be made, but experiencing that as a way of learning, a method of refining the way in which future decisions will be taken and dealt with, is what is important. Good choices are the ones that move you, inspire you and renew your inner energy.

Attitude influences choices. Choices are deceptively easy to make — making the right choice is slightly harder. Ultimately the key to life and good choices is giving, sharing and contributing positively. Choose the can-do attitude and the problem solving mindset and embrace life.

Why not create your state? Why not direct your life to manage and maintain these emotions and attitudes?