Nco Dube

Playing the victim: Malema’s survival strategy

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema and company have the ruling party exactly where they want it to be – i.e. they have got the ANC to mete out the harshest punishment possible. To their credit, I’m sure the ANC itself knows exactly where Malema wants it to be. It has become clear that Malema…

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Let’s talk: White fears and black aspirations

South Africa has always had a history of bad race relations, but after 1994 we all held high hopes of improved race relations and tolerance. How wrong we were. The issue is simply that South Africans are selfish. All race groups are! We simply refuse to step into one another’s shoes and try to understand…

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A lesson in political brinkmanship

President Jacob Zuma’s biggest strength is simply that most of us, including embattled ANC Youth League President Julius Malema, underestimate him. We look so much at his blunders and gaffes that we forget that he has in fact been a leader in the ANC for decades and has vast experience in that regard. We also…

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The politics of confusion

It seems politics has become nothing but a crusade in confusion, confusing the very same people who voted politicians into office. Politicians get caught up in the fruitless and wasteful game of politicking while bravely maintaining the lie that they are working for our interests. I must start by saying we need to understand that…

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Economic freedom without education and big business?

It was interesting to note at a recent seminar on ‘Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime’ organised by the Xubera Institute for Research and Development, that out of all the panellists, only one mentioned the importance of education in attaining economic freedom. The panellists included an economist, an academic, a journalist/political analyst and a Provincial MEC….

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To succeed, the ANC must go back to the start

The African National Congress, Africa’s oldest liberation movement, has a glorious and illustrious history. The ANC has for the majority of the 100 years of its existence held the hopes and aspirations of the majority of black people in South Africa. This is the ANC that has always been creative and industrious in its fight…

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White Inc

There have been a few questions and unfortunate assumptions about what I meant with the term White Inc. This is a term that has featured a lot in my thoughts as I tried to grasp the extent of the resistance by a section of our society to the continuation of the fight against prejudice, privilege…

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Politics of helplessness

As I sat with my iPad on my lap to write this article I went blank. All the points on the article I was to write disappeared from my mind. All I had was a feeling of helplessness. The same feeling I had growing up at KwaNdengezi whenever I heard the unmistakable drone of the…

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Mangaung: Zuma 1 – Malema 1

The road to Mangaung is getting increasingly interesting and  nastier. The media is also playing its role in askew and misleading reporting on the recent Limpopo ANC provincial conference and party elections to make it even nastier. I was totally confused to see various news outlets reporting that Malema has been thrown a lifeline by…

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Mangaung and the man from Nkandla

If the gaffes coming from the highest office in the land are anything to go by, there are forces right in the Union Buildings, Luthuli House and even in Cabinet working against and embarrassing the man from Nkandla. It seems the “Alliance of the Walking Wounded”, which rallied around President Jacob Zuma in the run-up…

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