I remember when you were born of me,
Level-headed to avoid catastrophe,
In service that couldn’t quite compete,
Just playing the fool with possibility,
Hoping now that we got some remedy,
Lifting weight soar above the canopy;

Made you grow made you rise above,
Nobody’s fool ain’t nobody’s thug,
Syndicates came left without any guns,
Cartel bosses made to suffer and to run,
Intelligence service not a birthday cake,
No footprints allowed for the national sake;

Straight life rolling with Inspector Gen,
Made it fast made it to get the win,
Here’s your dime you can keep the brothers,
No more lies no more faking dollars,
These claims we did put them to the test,
When they failed they were made to rest;

Oversee overlook oversight in time,
Roll them up they played their cards in line,
Co-ordinated across the service branches,
Integrated now for the briefing crunches,
Combined in system for clandestine purpose,
Elevated in stature for republic service;

Helping voices that were always at hand,
No-one played without being made to stand,
State security was an unstated but essential role,
Different units none left out in the cold,
Complete authority to reign-in loose cannons,
Ultimate priority to establish the balance;

Never forget the time they called,
Last rounds here before the fall,
We were surprised, we were angry all,
That they would take on the power wall,
Just a portfolio committee to be on the ball,
No more NICOC just a walk down St George’s Mall;



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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