Matthew Buckland

Google Chrome: The good and the bad

Could the browser wars of the late 1990s web be upon us again? Then it was Netscape versus Internet Explorer, but now with the launch of Chrome it’s more than just two browsers pitted against each other. Google’s new entry in Chrome is certain to raise the temperature again. Internet Explorer has enjoyed dominance for…

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Pledge to download Firefox on June 17

Firefox is a brilliant browser. It’s also fast. I discarded Internet Explorer (IE) about two years ago. It wasn’t an ideological decision, I wasn’t trying to make a point… it’s just that Firefox is a better browser. I still have IE7 on my laptop, but use it only for testing purposes. I find it slow…

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The new, cheaper and faster iPhone 2.0, with 3G and GPS

So now we know. The speculation is over. I was listening to the Apple WWDC event’s iPhone announcements lastnight live on ustream, following the excellent live blogging on Engadget and keeping up with the lively micro-blogging commentary. The announcement everyone was waiting for took ages to come, but it eventually arrived to rapturous applause and…

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Elections 2.0: New media and democracy

The internet has a critical role to play in democracies. Likewise, it will play an important role in the country’s upcoming national elections. This is now being recognised by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), which for the first time had “new media” on the agenda at its national media conference in Pretoria — a high-level…

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The web 2.0 password crisis

Users increasingly need to create accounts with logins and passwords on the sites they visit these days. This is because the web today is no longer a place just for brochure sites, but is increasingly a place for online applications and services like email, instant messaging, banking, social networking… you name it. In the world…

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The 15 startup commandments

It’s still startup frenzy on the web (2.0) these days. If you haven’t read this before — here are the 15 startup commandments — a good read for those doing startup web companies. The author is Mark Fletcher (, founder of The commandments 1. Your idea isn’t new. Pick an idea — at least…

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Name changes: ‘Cost argument’ is nonsense

I’ve often thought that many name change critics approach the debate with a certain intellectual dishonesty. Most of the time I hear that South Africa should not change a name of a city, road, river or geographic region because of the “cost” involved. Critics will usually juxtapose the cost of the name change with how…

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Google News shoots for source

The official Google news blog has alerted us about a new feature on Google News that will help readers “quickly and easily” find original stories from news publishers. This should be interesting to watch, particularly in the local context where the vast majority of content on South Africa’s major mainstream news sites is replicated from…

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Facebook, the Web 2.0 killer

The existence of Facebook, the smash-hit social-networking site, may unwittingly kill off a host of other Web 2.0 start-ups. This is mainly because of Facebook’s inclusive and all-encompassing nature. The site appears to be blogging (lite), Twittering (short blogging), multiplayer gaming (simple games), dating, social networking, online photo management and even emailing all in one….

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Manto, the multimedia story

The Sunday Times story surrounding our embattled health minister has been a good example of integrated journalism. The newspaper broke the big story, yet the online presence went further than just plonking a repeat of the story on the web. Nowadays, media companies are publishing source material and the original supporting documentation of their stories…

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