Marius Redelinghuys

Let’s talk about sex, baby

Few topics generate as much buzz as sex. It also continues to be one of the greatest sources of division in society, and perhaps one of its most persistent. These divisions relate not only to positions, but also between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. Despite major advances in our understanding of the human body, its…

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We’re not all Africans, we’re Jews!

When Sentletse threatened to respond to my post (“Africans are humans too“) I packed my bags in a state of panic and headed into the mountains, Cathedral Peak in the Central Drakensberg to be precise, to escape this particular “swart gevaar“. I had naturally revised my entire first week of 2011 because of my typical…

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Human, all too human

Issues of human origins and ancestry have more often than not been coupled with, and clouded by, a battle of identity. The history of our species is littered with examples and madmen who have attempted to carve out a distinct identity for a people, and usually for nefarious reasons. The notion of a separate, “chosen…

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Africans are humans too

We are not all humans, Africans are! Thought Leader has, among many other brilliant things, provided us with a new brand of virtual stand-up comedy. The claims, rants and musings of many here are often laughable or hilarious. It has also generated a new brand of pseudo-intellectuals who by virtue of contributing here dare to…

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The sexy scale of SA politics

South African politicians aren’t sexy, yet I am slightly disturbed by utterances from some politico circles that politics should be sexy. Sure, it makes sense: sex sells. But considering our socio-economic climate, it appears as if South Africans just aren’t buying. No individual politician from the crop of leaders the 2009 elections produced — in…

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South Africans aren’t stupid, Sam

Sam Shilowa and his henchmen – the self-styled Express – insulted not only the intellectual capacity of the members of the party, but South Africans in general. Allegations of misconduct, financial mismanagement, fraud and underhanded tactics haunt the Express and we’re just not buying it. Cope will split, and let me be the first to…

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The Conspiracy of the People

Democracy is not just about elections, and yet there is a vocal minority guilty of this reductionism, complicit in conspiring to commit political infanticide. The first inclusive, multiracial democratic elections in 1994 merely marked the culmination of a long, arduous negotiation process that sought to lay the foundation of a new democratic and constitutional order….

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Queer for Madiba

The Community of Mandela Rhodes Scholars (CMRS) is a rather queer and gay snapshot of a utopian society. Queer in the sense of it being “different” or “strange”, and gay because CMRS gatherings are often jubilant and joyous occasions. But beyond the archaic and now dated uses of these terms, the CMRS has proven to…

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Cope must put its money where its mouth is

The Congress of the People must practice what it preaches and implement the direct election of its president, as it advocated during the election campaign. With preparations under way for the Cope national elective and inaugural congress to legitimately and democratically elect its leaders, it is imperative that the party seriously considers and implements the…

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Do we deserve to celebrate Women’s Day?

As South Africans celebrate Women’s Day, the contribution of great women are often heralded and echoed across the nation, and rightly so. It is only fitting that we, as a nation, mark the immeasurable sacrifices and suffering of leading women in our society. The names of Lilian Ngoyi, Mamphela Rampele, Helen Joseph, Albertina Sisulu, Adelaide…

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