Lucky Ntuli
Lucky Ntuli

Zumaville: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

It’s with utter disgust and disbelief to think that “sane” people could take such acts or decisions. This by itself is not the decisive factor, it’s the fact that you have individuals and organisations that see absolutely nothing wrong with this. How is it that this clique — bound by corruption, incompetency, greed, looting, lack of accountability, ineffectiveness and no moral core — keep thinking all is well. As a nation we have been hijacked by these thugs and are being led down the already travelled paths that started 65 years ago and counting.

Ours is worldwide known as a country that functions on nothing but kickbacks. While the country burns, infrastructure continues to crumple, education standards get lower and lower and healthcare is poorly lacking, the same clique ensures it has taxpayer funding through multiple schemes to stay in power. So when a mayor’s wife is linked to a R2 billion tender, somehow the same clique doesn’t see anything wrong with this. This to me is more than overwhelming. It’s stuff of the movies, fiction and make-believe, but we are all a part of it.

I have in the past asked what it will take for the taxpayers to say enough is enough. I don’t know the answer, I do however observe that we are on thin ice. There is tangible tension on all sides, we don’t have much time to put out the smoulder. It will, however, not come from the African nationalist.

There isn’t one of them, in any official capacity, national or local level, that has an inkling to respect the office(s) they hold. Which really makes me wonder whether they believe this gravy to be eternally giving or they simply care not for South Africa and its people?

It is nothing but utter contempt that I have for these incompetent, deployed cadres. We have had two national commissioners of police who have transgressed and committed criminal acts. They have not paid back taxpayer money wasted in their “defence” cases.

When I think of all those who have paid the ultimate price for this country, of all races, sexes and beliefs, to read that the National Youth Development Agency wasted R1 million on berets I am blinded by disgust. When I think of mothers who will never know of their children’s burial location and then read this, it makes me wonder.

As the future of this country and its children is in the grubby, crooked hands of African nationalists who at present are jostling for positions at the trough as Mangaung nears, I wonder what households all over SA are thinking. To know that your country and future is driven intentionally over the cliff by sheer incompetence is not easy.

When I noted in the past the African nationalists are corrupt to the core, I received intense criticism. I will again say it, “corrupt to the core”. If they were all not so corrupt, they would grow a backbone and stop this impending disaster. Alas they will not as they all want an opportunity at the trough, in their lifetime while children go without books, food at school, electricity or heaven forbid, running water.

Just as long they can have their belles all is well.

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