Lesley Perkes

I thought I was alone

Today, for the first time ever, I read a short piece about why some women have an orgasm during rape. It included: “Orgasm during rape isn’t an example of an expression of pleasure. It’s an example of a physical response whether the mind’s on board or not, like breathing, sweating, or an adrenaline rush.” You…

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Kaleidoscope sky by Absa

Although @Absa told me via twitter (a while back) that they would NOT be using art on their new #lumen sign that has added such sarcastically beautiful design to the already littered Joburg skyline, just after an ad for Islamic Banking all those storeys up, yesterday I saw this. I was a little bit happy…

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Bad form

Next time you try to complain and in response some poorly-trained surly sod working for a diseased organisation in a sick building gives you a form to fill in that needs three years of audited financial statements, your life story in block letters, your race (the one none of us win), your gender (ditto) and…

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The famous tree house

My friend Johannes says that it is considered fortunate to have an Oak Tree at the entrance to your home. I do not know the name of the man who has lived in this tree for as long as I have driven along this leafy road, Observatory Curve in Johannesburg. Must be nearly 20 years…

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Razor wire

This thoughtful installation is opposite a park in the inner city eastern precinct of Johannesburg about a block away from Absa. Opposite a park. I said opposite a park. What an opportunity.

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It is all The Media’s fault

It is The Media’s fault for tarnishing South Africa’s image. If it was not for them the world’s wealthiest people would be investing all their trillions here. Even the local investors would invest in their own country. If it were not for the bloody media we would not know about any of this: What Safa…

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The Ubuntu Declaration and Mthembu* Act of 30/4/2013

It has been formally announced that the direct descendants of its invention have formally redefined Ubuntu, the concept formally defined, as: “We only exist because of each other” and similar. The new definition has been proclaimed as follows: expedience ownership heartlessness industrious stupidity abuse of the elderly, infirm or powerless homelessness (also homes that are…

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Keep your elections to yourself

Who cares about the rights of Mr Mandela and Mrs Suzman? It’s all about the rights of politicians to brand themselves to death. Let me say this loud and clear. I am sorry in advance for having so little respect for politicians everywhere. Mostly, I am sorry because we are landed with them, these public-relations…

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