Kagure Mugo

Memory and moving forward: #RhodesMustFall is not a shitty argument

If you do not like something, throw poop at it. This was the thinking of some protestors who called for the removal of the Rhodes statue from the University of Cape Town campus citing that the continued presence of the statue was an ode to the white dominance of the past. The calls for the…

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How many more knocks can Parliament take?

Yesterday I finally understood ever grumpy husband who was taken out by his wife when ‘The Game’ was on. SONA for me was ‘The Game’ and through a complete lack of planning on my part I had made plans with my partner to attend an art event. There was much dancing involved. I had managed…

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Xenophobia: SA government’s careless utterances could cost lives

“Foreign business owners in SA’s townships cannot expect to coexist peacefully with local business owners unless they share trade secrets.” These were the words of Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu when speaking about how government will tackle the looting and violence against foreign business owners. What this can be translated to is: “Give me…

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‘I am penis, hear me roar’: The threat of lesbianism

Men seem to labour under the misapprehension that sex is about them. This is not a hastily made statement, there is some evidence behind it. Exhibit A: The idea that men think they’re “putting the D” to or “giving it” to someone. The rhetoric gives the impression that the rest of us come to the…

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Kenyan men extend sex boycott

Men supposedly have a new weapon: sex. I am extremely uncomfortable with this because, I thought it was our weapon but according to Kenyan men it is on like Donkey Kong and women in the country are being denied sex. A men’s rights group in Kenya, Maendeleo ya Wanaume, called for a sexual boycott in…

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Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign just what we need

Emma Watson invited men into “the movement” and the feminist world is in uproar — split into the yay and naysayers. It’s even gone to the extent of fractures along racial (according to one blogger it’s white feminists who support her), regional or even socio-economic background. But identity aside there is some good and bad…

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There is an Adult World (or three) on my street

I live within walking distance of four Adult World stores. I counted. I find this strange as I do not consider my area to have red light district tendencies, but this is my current reality. A few weeks ago an Adult World opened up opposite Parliament, apparently for the umpteenth time as each time it gets closed…

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African women, we’re not exotic, just hot

Last month I had the pleasure of attending an African Women’s Development Fund and Femrite creative non-fiction writing workshop for African women writers in Entebbe, Uganda. The women I met there were amazing for two main reasons. Their passion, intelligence and drive made me question mine (apparently watching Come Dine With Me is not a…

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EFF in Parliament: All talk and no trousers?

We have all witnessed the circus that’s been the EFF’s entrance to Parliament, akin to something of a comedic fairy-tale with costumes, heroes and villains. We’ve seen everything from heartfelt letters to the public such as Andile Mngxitama’s “Letter from Parliament” and Julius Malema thrown out of Parliament for accusing the ANC of murdering mineworkers….

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Maya Angelou’s death reminds us old people are not ‘a waste of space’

You can upgrade your phone, your television, your car and even your vagina (see: vaginoplasty). It is all about the “up-to-date”, the next best thing. We have become a world that needs it young, fresh and new. The passing of poet, activist and Maya Angelou brought to the forefront of people’s minds the wealth of…

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